Challenge Friends!

I think it’d be awesome if we could challenge friends to a 2 day battle. What I mean is, where we could put on a bet with a friend or alliance member (for example: each put in 1M Gold) to see who gets the most medals, or XP, or trophies over the course of 2 days! This would add more fun inbetween events! The person who creates the challenge can decide whether the challenge will be for medals, XP, or trophies. The leaderboard would look like the league leaderboard, where you can see what the other person has gained and how much you need to gain to win. Along with a timer at the top, once again, just like leagues. I think this would be really fun to have in the game!

I think players would exploit it just to give teammates gold.  But the concept is cool.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe no bet, then. Perhaps it’s just for bragging rights :wink:  

Hi there :slight_smile: ,

As already stated this could be exploited, but thank you for the idea. ×

I totally agree that it can be exploited, but I just want to point out that right now, tons of players (probably more than 50%), including myself, hardly play at all inbetween events. We need a new kind of mode to keep us busy. Not something that we are forced to play as an alliance, but something fun that we can do in the days between events. I understand that this suggestion is non-feasible, I’m just saying… :slight_smile: