Challenge me!!

Challenge me my game name is UltraShard360!!

Challenge accepted! :lol:

#Edit: 100% victory with 1:30 rest time with only knights and hero, no spells (except 1 accidental bladestorm in the beginning). Who can win it faster? :slight_smile:

did you beat me?

king only and bladestorm

rest time 1:40

thanks for challenge;)

did you win?

Both mischreiber and me won.

I won without using spells and with only knights as troops and had 90 seconds left, he won without troops and with just bladestorm spells and with 100 seconds left.

You probably shouldn’t be challenging people while some of the top players come to this site


Even though I’m weak compared to most of you lets just not pick on the weaker people :grinning:

I just wanted to see what people can do to my defenses. I had a good shield! ^_^

and atlas that’s kinda mean callng me weak :angry:

 forgive me All powerful King UltraShard360 I mean no harm

I just searched for your base and your only in the 1k trophy range not even worth the bread and effort. I’m not trying to make fun of you or anything but i feel with a low base like that you shouldn’t be challenging anybody just yet. There are new players coming in to this forum all the time but at this point i’m comfortable that 95% if not 100% of the people on this forum can walk through your base with a blind eye. If other players want to raid your base just for the fun then go for it there’s no harm in that. :slight_smile:

pick someone on your own size dude!,

i`m on lvl 65 ,F2P windows User

if you get it on my base,just leave king lvl here…

my king name is Virzano by the way

Waste of food for me :wink:

100% with king only,bladestorm and sonic blast.

rest time 1 minute.

thanks for challenge :grinning:

challenge accepted


oh i am sorry that i heal my king :grinning:

lmao alright killemog lets see who can beat me then? only lower ranked players so far :slight_smile:



might need a little more time for me :grinning: