Challenge me!!

we will see in the evening after my work. but if you higher in rank i need perhaps more then my king ^^

i had take a look at your base killemOG. i defently need more then my king ;(

I can’t believe that this post got a good celebration.

Actually its a good post for although it wasn’t intended to be like this , people can like drop their challenge here and there’ll be someone like mischreiber who’ll take the challenge for some fun  :wink:

Challange only if you have lots of loot available in your chamber for people to get something in return. There is no way I am wasting my precious food on silly challanges.


lol. silly challenge


100% with king,bladestorm,heal,sonic blast and some mummies at least. 7 sec rest time. so that means my king destroys all your towers allone.

thanks for challenge. :grinning:

lol id hope so even at your level i am a top player :wink:


i agree with killemGH. it makes more fun as normal raids. it like an funny different challenge.


I don’t know idea why this post turn into other topics… :blink:

thanks SorinM

i think if your towers have full upgrade i need to scroll one ore two time scroll for 100 %.

Overpower6 bring it bitches! :stuck_out_tongue:


100% with king,mummies,bladestorm,

sonicblast and heal.

all towers destroyed by my king.

53 sec. left

thanks for your challenge :grinning:

Crap! What level are you? 

my king is level 110

Check the leaderboard , you’ll find him in top 10.

mani aashu you are mean! :angry:

@UltraShard360: Shouldn’t just come out and call people mean