Challenge Mode for Ninja/Zombie Event

Now this would be an optional add on for the event.  You can play as things have been in the past with no changes.

Each Island would have 3 challenges (must take specific spell/troop. can’t take spell/troop, no scrolls, no instant, summon # of troop/spell)

Each challenge that you complete would earn points for a separate & extra rewards.  These rewards would not be ranked like the normal PvE leader board.  What points other players earn would not affect your rewards.  

each 3 islands there is a challenge (every island 3 challenges and awards it is long and cheated)

lol you have stolen my idea i don’t remember where but if I can find it I gonna post it here :

I have talking to add sub quest in each island and bring more challenge. By example on the first island you have to finish it with over 40 sec left for extra coins etc…the second sub quest you must use toxic cloud and kill the ninja in less than 4 seconds for extra coins,etc…


Similar, but yours suggested giving extra coins, while I suggested adding extra rewards for completing the challenges.

Yeah because giving extra rewards each islands its too much. The goal its not allow everyone to have at the end of this event 1 millions of gems,pearls and stuffs but add more coins to make a real difference on the leaderboard and stop to having 50 rank 1 and a rank 4 after who is penalize totally. If you add extra coins only the person who have skills and win all special challenge can be in Rank 1,etc…

I didn’t say rewards from each Island.  You’d get points for each completed challenge, and the total would determine what rewards you get.  The challenge rewards would not be affected by any other players point totals.

ah ok in this case can be good. When you see how Opelle and flothaboss destroy this event lol because that seem so easy when you watch them. Sure challenge its something this event miss.

Still no news on this one too? what the goal to make suggestions if no one read it? :slightly_frowning_face: