Challenges - Questions

Hey everyone,

If you got any questions regarding the challenges, feel free to shoot them here! :slight_smile:

As mentioned in by the Captain 

Should I upload my video onto youtube since everyone can see mine if i set the video as public?

You can put it in private on youtube, and just post the link in the topic.

It shouldn’t be visible for anyone else than the team then: :slight_smile:

so if i put it in private, on the due day i will need to set it back to public so that the team can watch it? 

I think you can put it on unlisted to share the link, then only people with the link can see it.

As no one will have the link besides us until the judgement day, it should be fine!

Well I didn’t know, thanks Alysea I’ll figure it out  :grinning:

The event is quite challenging but the rewards are worth trying 

Good luck! Looking forward to see the entries :grinning:

sorry for the questions again, it was mentioned that 

Does killing Zeus give 500 gems?

Does killing Zeus and stopping him destroying the gate give 3000 gems?

So the reward is 3500 gems in total?

That’s right. I really want this guy taken out.

I would join, except that my defenses suck :stuck_out_tongue: glad to see more forum events though :slight_smile:

just wondering what if the gate on the attacking side is destroyed before Zeus can destroy the gate on the defending side? Will get extra gems for that? 

Hey, a question for captainmorgan?

i was wondering IF destroying zeus gate before he destroy My gate, does that count as Killing him or is it even better then Killing him, because in thats case you killed his entire home?

its almost impossible, but IF you manage, Will that pay extra gems?

Hey George,

If you manage to leave Zeus without house or home, I’m pretty sure you will beat out the other bounty hunters to the “best percentage”, in which case I’ll pay you a fat bounty of 1500 Gems, but I’m afraid it’s his head I’m after, so unless you take him out, you won’t be getting the additional 3000 Gem reward.

That said, if you manage both, you’re looking at a fat prize of 4500 Gems.

Good hunting!

Alright mr Morgan!!

thanks for the answer ??

Hey alysea

i posted a link at the contest topic, but im not sure i did it the right way.

can you see IF you have recieved it?

its,  George6 vs zeus Olympus rising

Confirmed. :grinning:


Hey again,

I am seeing questions popping up here and there and would therefore want to hijack an official thread where I would try my best to answer those.

Some things to kickstart the process:

Can we use anything but English to write our posts in?

All suggestions should be in English, as this is the official forum language (and the one we can all understand too).

Can we use the suggestions previously posted on forums and featured in the companion thread?

Yes you can. With that said, do not expect any of the major prizes for that, with a sole exception of Chris 2.0, which may be awarded. Up to the team to decide that.


Please, bring any concerns or questions here. If you have any feedback/ideas for this/future contests - PM me. I would gladly accept any constructive criticism. With this said though, I am not an FG employee, therefore I can only advise things and annoy the Gods with my requests.  

Hi bro     %-Johnny Cage-%     here…

My questions are are below…

1- Can I use more than 200 words…?? Bcoz the explanation about my topic need to be perfect…

2- Can I use some screenshots related to my topic…?? Bcoz if u see those pics, my topic will be easily understanding and interesting too…

Please reply…

Thank u…?