Challenges - Questions

@Praveeninja Hey, good question. I would say a definitive yes for pictures, especially if they can aid you in your description. 

Now, the 200 word limit is necessary to keep things organized and concise for the team to read, as they are getting numerous and have some actual developing to do. So the answer here would be dependent on the two conditions:

a) How much extra words would you need? No one is going to run around with the google doc word counter, but a Great Wall of text would be somewhat daunting to read for sure

b). Do you really need those extra words? If you do, then certainly go for it, but if there is a slightest of chances to make it concise - Morgan would surely appreciate it

So yeah, if after considering the two questions above you feel the need to use more - do it.


ALSO, a rather important update for you all:

If you dont really care about prizes, you can post more ideas or longer lists of those. No one wants to restrict people to posting just enough, the limits are in place to support the prizing and not to restrict any of the thoughts. Thus, all ideas would be equally welcomed, regardless whether they are intended for the contest or not. Just make sure they are about WAR and not something else.

Thank u bro.

I’m on it