Chalupa Batman - Level 7 - English - Hero lvl req: 35

Alliance Name: Chalupa Batman

(If you’ve ever watched the TV show The League, this hopefully makes sense!)


Alliance level: 7

(We are just starting out this week!)

Alliance Leaderboard: at this exact moment, we are ranked 8,603. But in our defense we only have three members so far!

Requirements to join:

-Minimum donation of 10k

-Minimum 1000 trophies

-Hero level 35 plus

We can be flexible on these requirements while we are just starting out, and would love to give any advice and help we can! Requirements to join/stay are probably gonna get more strict as we grow and improve as an alliance together :slight_smile:

Willing to promote members to General of they stay active and step up as leaders. As far as what we will do for boosts, that will be worked out as we get bigger and stronger.

Most of all, let’s have fun and start kicking some butt :grinning: