I totally get it !! we are lucky at a time but the bad luck always get on


When we won pearl it shows up 1 pearl only. but when we give up there’s always showing 5-6 pearls  :huh:


when we won bread it always show up to 84-117 food but when we give up there’s 334 bread and even higher.


when we won gear it always show poor gear but when we give up it show up to violet color to legendary items!


when we won gem it always show up to 61-64 gem but when we give up it show up 65-69 gem.


and this is HORRIBLE!!


when we won in 1 chamber next is always skull!! And then if u continuing to spend gem all of the chamber u will tap is skull until 3 tap get limit then the 3 left are just gold 40k,26k, then 197k … :mellow:



Win percentage:

1° click - 75 % to win;

2° click - 50 % to win;

3° click - 25 % to win.


This is my opinion test. Good Luck!



don’t spend gems on chamber until your treasure chamber is full of money.

not all are good gears either :slightly_frowning_face:

yep chamber is one big scam. Always when you win 3 goog chests the loot is crap only 1 time in lets say 4 days there may be nicer loot in one of teh chests . btu if you dont get all the right chests afterwards when chests show whats inside you Always see higer lot . like gems Pearls and high ammount of gold. the whole game is becomming one big scamming thing to let people use more gems .

The Chamber has a clear bias now (it wasn’t always so) where the most valuable reward is last.


Those rewards have gotten substantially larger (300k gold?  80 gems?!).  


Given some of the changes that have occurred since the Chamber was introduced, there’s is likely some algorithmic trickery going on behind the scenes that skews the simple probability of each chest selection.  


As (MaSSivE) mentioned, it’s wise to wait until your treasure chamber is full before spending any gems in the Chamber of Fortune.


But that said, it’s probably unwise to spend any gems in the Chamber of Fortune, period.  At a ratio of 10 gems-to-1-pearl it may seem worth it if you land a few here and there, but the occurrence of food and trash hero items means you’re also working with a much smaller probability of pearls/gems showing up, and a smaller probability still of pearls showing up in multiple chests.  Overall, you’re likely to find it is a waste of time and resources trying to earn something above the cost of playing: especially if your treasure chamber (and silo) aren’t full.  


The Chamber is only “one big scamming thing” if you choose to spend gems in it (and probably wouldn’t seem quite so much like a scam: if you had a big lucky streak).  Otherwise, whatever you get - even the opportunity of getting something - is a benefit.  

honestly I don’t understand the complaints around the chamber. its supposed to be just a bonus for breaking into the castle, are other players really trying to base their income around this “bonus”?


just accept it as it is and when u finally do get all 3 chests and open that big reward it feels a lot better than buying passes on skulls

interesting. So it turns out. I could of got some of those delicious items.  The question is, is it worth the re-rolls.

 It is a bonus, but it feels to many now that is is a money scam. Since the prizes are no longer random, and you can only win the large prizes if you have wont the 2 smaller prizes before hand it takes a lot of the joy out of the bonus. It is like playing a game but never being able to win at it. This sucks all the fun out of the game and makes you not want to play it since it feels like a scam.


Jona / flare games I think a lot of players would be happier if the chamber went back to the old style of being random with lower prizes verse this system.

@ bladestorm fair argument :stuck_out_tongue:


I certainly preferred the old chamber as well