Chamber of fortune!!!, A joke!??

Look at this screenshot of chamber of fortune just a moment ago…


See anything??? no!!


The top left chest 22,568G has golden aura which means its legendary…

I opened all 3 after a very long time…Highest I get is 54K!!! and the first chest with 22K!!! is legendary…  Is this a ****ing joke…

Yes everytime you open the chests the app secretly takes a picture of your expression and send it to FG office and everyone laughs!

Yes, indeed, a joke… Can’t stop laughing. A good one.

Hehe Nice one…


Also, might as well start calling it… “Chamber of Misfortune”.  :blink:

there is no fortune!


Try it ou that your goldchest is full, after this you get no more gold.

But now you see that you get first, much times, 1 Stone…10 Stones…any item


Never 10 Stones…1 Stone…


all what you get in this chamber is automatic and never fortune


i tested it that i run 10 times complete opening, i got never diamonds, with the 11. try i gave up and it show me 56 diamonds…its a joke nothing else

The gems you see are a fake. You never receive them. You only “see” gems in the last CoF when you fail.

So many problems and bugs reported,yet no solution whatsoever,my point is just forget about everything and play,win or lose,gain or no gain,just play for timepass,nothing else,AND PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE,DONT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

Nv got gems if ur chamber is full,only pearls vouchers and the only way to get gems is by league and quest for high lvl,so for low lvl,pls spend ur gems wisely

You know what’s weird? If I play gems in COF continuously for like a day I see a pattern of gems on third chest roughly every 5th COF. Granted if I don’t use gems I am bound to see gem reward pop up in third box to taunt me but I never go 11 full opens without gem reward.