Chamber of Fortune Bug - 4+ months now

Listen, maybe the Bugs part of the forum is rarely read, but the Chamber of Fortune issue has been going on forever, where it will crash the game after a battle.


Either put no skulls in the CoF or fix the bug so we can actually gain access to the chamber.


It’s been 4 months or longer. How can this not be fixed by now?


Just keep suffering Blookie, they prefer to ignore it. Reported so many times.

it is a great thing, the bug of  the Chamber of Fortune, no gems, total no rewards, try to see it like flaregames does :slight_smile:

Haha… FG creed is “Silence is bliss”


Lets not explain or do anything that can make players get rewards the way they are supposed to



As far as I am aware of, the issue is still under investigation.

It got fixed before the 1.9.6, and with this version the issue occurred again.

I will keep you updated if I get any news.


It is a shame that such an important bug is not fixed as soon as possible, many players miss many rewards of that chamber.


Some days royal revolt is closed 50% after winning a battle. 


Even more bad… there is rearly any reply’s on this item.


So I think this post is the only true on