Chamber of fortune update

We all hate the chamber of fortune and we all know that it is not going to go away.  :slightly_frowning_face:

Many of us has also complained about the ninja (or zombie) event “trap towers” at the gate. It is a real challenge to prevent your troops to crash the gate before you destroyed the towers. :slightly_frowning_face:

I suggest that when a player is able to complete an island with all towers destroyed (100%) then there should also be a 100% change to get the ninja coins in the first chest. In other words it should be possible (although very difficult) for a high skilled player to get first place without using any gems. :slight_smile:

But will never happen…

This will never happen. Say that the chance is 50% to open first chest correct. So 15 times you need to spend gems to get them. And from those 15 attempts, definitely also some of those you need two or three attempts. In general you need to spend 300-500 gems to get all coins in CoF, unless you are very fortunate.

So if you want first price, you literally will be forced to spend gems. If you are willing to take a gamble and think you can make it 100% through all islands it’s worth a try. As soon as you miss a tower, don’t waste a single gem any more, since the reward will not be great anyway. But if you manage to make it, the rewards are quite good. A lot of pearls, plus chests (in 4k- layers) that will contain enough gems to compensate you. I did it two seasons ago, wasted around 300-400 gems, but got a lot of gems in return (more than I spend). Only be prepared to scroll when you are almost missing a tower to knock it down.

For Flare this is extra revenue. Think on players skipping cooldown, continue opening chests and so on. when a lot of players do it, it’s not much per player, but in the end it all together it’s a nice sum of gems that are used.

I would feel more for a system to pick three chests and whatever is in there you get. Worst case you get nothing. This will also never happen, since tempting players to continue is more lucrative for Flare.


I was hoping very optimistically and rather see this as a challenge to Flare to create this win-win scenario. Flare can protect their income by designing extreme difficult bases with secret traps. I mean Flare can use any combination of troop, tower and obstacles from different levels and even add something creative and new. I think it would really add a new dimension to the game when during an event you know you will get the ninja coins on 100% completion…

Flare please try this once during one ninja event (and see if it works for you)!

But maybe I was hoping for too much. Human nature dictates the way the CoF is operating. The easier option is to ask all players not to use gems on the CoF - something that will also not happen…

I was already thinking same, but even when that would happen, it still is unfair. Since luck factor is than determining it, if we can trust every player (which isn’t the case for sure).

Player A will get unfortunate 15 times, while lucky player B has suddenly all coins from all 30 CoF. In such a case I bet player B still has used gems, only he won’t tell us. Since coins make a huge difference, this still determines the outcome of the result. In 3500 and 4k layer almost 11% of the total possible coins is determined by coins in chests. In other layers also the influence of the coins is too big to be ignored.

It’s ridiculous that missing coins in CoF is worse than missing multiple towers during a lot of raids. It should be completely different, missing a single tower should be worse than missing all CoF coins together. Coins in CoF should only be a tiebreaker when players scored perfect, no more no less. So when 10 players score 100% on the island, the winner is decided by those coins, players who miss a tower, should end lower than layers who did raid 100% perfect. You can say, it’s your own mistake, you should have opened your chests then. But when I still can win a fair price after missing a single tower, then it would be worth going on. 

Ranking list should be determined first on how good you scored on the islands themselves. When two players scored same, the coins should be the tiebreaker. Only… A layer that missed a tower won’t continue opening in such a situation, since possible rewards will be too low already for justifying to waste gems. So also this will never happen.

I think the main problem is that we get a nice fish as bait, but only players scoring 100% are getting a good reward. When you miss a tower, it’s only because of the uber chests that we continue, plus for helping the team. but wasting gems for CoF coins after a failure is out of the question.

I think only fair solution to this problem is giving rewards not based on a leaderboard, but based on score. Score 100%, max reward. Score 99%, price 2, Score 98%, price 3 and so on. I would not care if every failure in CoF takes 1% of the result, so that in fact it determines 30% of possible reward. This way at least players will use gems for opening, because a great reward is still reachable after missing a single tower. flare would get a more descent income if they would do this.

It’s a win-win situation. Players who invest time and gems for continuing to open chests, do their best not to miss a single tower, but are unfortunate, still can get a descent reward. It’s at least no all or (almost) nothing event. Players would use more gems to get good rewards, flare would get more gems/cash in return.

I have noticed one thing, whenever I scrolled or revived, I got 1st attempt CoF successful, always. Scroll-free it is like a 60% chance to get 1st successful.

I can tell you different stories at war season. I had unlucky strikes of 8/10 incorrect last season a couple of times. My record is 9/10 incorrect and even 13/15 can be counted on that result.

Lately I refuse continue opening chests after a failure, in both war season as ninja event. When I did continue opening, I can say it’s a fair chance that second choice is also incorrect. How often I had to open all three chests (wasting 45 gems!) before I got the skull reward, I lost counting already a long time ago. And when it happens, the last opened one containing gems is a rarity. Most times 12 pearls/vouchers or even a grey item. 

Some players think there is a pattern of three/four chests in CoF. Wrong… there is no pattern. I tried many tricks, even the “look at the chest where the coins are in when you fail”, remember that chest and over three/four turns, pick that one to be 100% correct. It just doesn’t work that way, there is no circular pattern of x chests that contain the coins/skulls mechanism on first try.

Maybe flare generates randomly which chest is successful and you might get lucky, but I would not even be surprised that on some occasions you can click anything you like, the result will either be always winning or always incorrect.

I have noticed one thing, whenever I scrolled or revived, I got 1st attempt CoF successful, always. Scroll-free it is like a 60% chance to get 1st successful.

Well  in war season, I do not open any CoF unless it is down to the last 100 skulls in the last 15 minutes. And the 3rd chest is a big scam, 13 pearls, 22 vouchers, item worth 20k, it is a joke

I always noticed 1 pattern, the top left chest, generally has a high success rate while the chests in the middle seem to have a lower success rate.

I indeed also always pick top left and it feels like a fair succes ratio.

But it might be just that any/first chest you click has a high succes chance.

Somehow the chests in the middle have a very bad ratio.

I used to pick upper middle, but now lately I changed that. Upper middle was quite too often incorrect. For a while I picked the left chests first and it seemed to work, but I think we think it has most chances, since we are manipulated in some way after a failure.

After a failure of picking right or middle chest we often see the skull/coin reward in a chest on the left side. Only when those left chests also contain no price, it’s shown in the other middle chest. I honestly can’t remember if I ever saw a skull/coin reward in a right chest.  

We know for sure that third reward is manipulated, since third chest is 100% failure when we didn’t spend gems and it contains gems. First correct one is always coins/skulls, so the first chest that isn’t a laughing skull will show that reward. I expect flare puts them after a failure inside chests in some fixed order. So if they start with filling left chests first, the skulls/coins are displayed more often there. That’s what I call giving players the feeling the chances to get the reward is higher than inside middle of right chests.

I think this is worth some investigation, after a failure, which chest shows the coins/skulls and what other chest contains the other prices. I bet most times the coins/skulls are displayed in left chests or in the middle (I want to know what chests have prices when it does!). Seldom in the right chests (I can’t remember if I ever saw them there).

I can tell you that two seasons ago I used one scroll to take out last tower on island 30 that survived my firestorm. The following CoF also was a failure. So scrolls are no guarantee and have nothing to do with success rate of CoF.

I expect that all chests will have same success rate, only our feeling tells us a different story, since we see the skulls/coins most times in a chest to the left.

I do the same. In the third ninja event I got a miss in CoF at the first island. I accidentally did not press the “use gems to open” more chests and ‘boom’ the event was over for me at island 1.  I continued and still got 3 ninjas and 2 uber chests - but I sure did not waste more gems on CoF after that time.

Why not make like Olympus Rising? I love the way they did in this game. You have 3 key and you open always 3 chest on 6 each raid

or Why not make a mini game who allow you to gain key or you can buy a pack of 10 key for 20 gems,20 key for 50 gems and so on

If you are lucky can bring you 90 gems on chest some time

This is what I have been thinking a long time. Just pick three and get those rewards, not like the way it goes now. I don’t know Olympus Rising, but that sounds way better than what is happening in RR2.

If we are completely unfortunate and get even no reward at all, we could then get the option for continuing and pay gems per extra opened chest. Now it’s happening too often during war season that first chest is incorrect, we pay gems to continue and are confronted two more possible times with being unfortunate and have no other option then to continue wasting even more gems.

Let’s take a war season as example . We have 10 raids and 2% loser bonus. To make it more easy let’s calculate what we can score with 1000 skulls per raid. Say we can get an average of 80 skulls per chest (in reality this is higher, but I don’t want to give impression that those rewards are too high)

  • 3* 1000 + 7*1000*2% =>3140 by normal raids without CoF skulls
  • 10* 80 = 800.

In total we score almost 4k, and 20% of our score is determined by luck/pay to win. That’s just too much, 5% everyone can live with, but those 20% is just way too high. And when you can ‘buy luck’ by spending gems, we can’t talk about luck any longer, it’s ordinary pay 2 win. Especially during the 7 remaining raids coins in CoF determine 80% of the additional score. That’s absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable.

Just let us pick three chests and give us those rewards. Then only 5% is the chance that we get absolutely nothing (hey, that sounds like the 5% acceptable loss due to luck, doesn’t it). Then it’s acceptable to ask gems for another try with 100% guarantee to get that skull reward.

That during zombie/war season the first correct chest contains the coins/skulls is acceptable, but for the rest, don’t mess with the rewards. It should not be the way that most valuable reward always is in last correct opened chest. I would accept lower gem rewards in there (5-10), but the result should not be manipulated by the fact that a user used or didn’t use gems to continue opening or that the big reward is always inside the last correct chest.

For people who don’t play Olympus Rising, here a video that show the functionning of the chest 


That looks more like it Warrior, that way it should be in RR2 also, just give 3 rewards. I would suggest put 3 tiny rewards in there, 2 medium and one big one.

Actually, when OR started (I played it), it was similar to RR2 (regarding the CoF). Later they changed that to this version where you will get something in each chest. 

This was what I mentioned in my thread…not to make it a casino but give something to all for playing even if the value is less.

No one hears, FG just does what it wants. You suggest ways to improve cash flow they will grab it with both hands, vive versa is big no.


Yes, that’s exactly what I suggested. Thank you An.

Put a price in all six chests, three small prices, 2 medium and a big one. Then at least players get a reward for successful breaking the gate. And a small gem price is asked for getting all rewards.

Now it’s just sometimes too much, when you are in a losing streak, you get failure after failure and when you are very unfortunate, you even need to waste 45 gems before you get any reward. I don’t want to know how many gems I wasted already on this Chamber of Fortune.

I don’t know what’s going to happen when the new currency is introduced. I hope it’s not another pay 2 win mechanism.

no news about that? no change was on the trail? :slightly_frowning_face: that was I good idea

The design of the chamber of fortune is quite boring. It should change from time to time. Maybe it could be more individual, e.g. showing the hero in one of the windows.