Chamber of Fortune

Please make the Chamber with 4 good chests and 2 bad chests, but keep the 3 lucky tries.

It will be better with 4 good and only 2 bad chests.

Now I have 25% chance to take nothing, 35% chance for one chest, 30% for second chest and only 10% for 3rd chest… :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have 70% luck perk but nearly never get more than one chest. Many times not even one. The whole COF is screwed up.

You aren’t the only ones noticing this. Lisa ones gave us an explanation for the luck algorithm here (final post)

In the link below you can fill in your luck gear.  Luck gear

Luck is not only based on percentage, but more on number of items with luck gear. I can tell you that failures on first chest cof are way too high, it’s almost doubled. For me for example I would have 10% of the time a failure on first chest. It’s more close to 20%. Only… the number of rewards tend to go to the number promised. 

We also don’t know what influence gems inside reward 3 have on luck. We only know we never get them, unless we payed gems. 

Warriornator suggested before that your victory chests would depend on how you did in the raid (1 crown - 1 chest, 2 crowns - 2 chests etc). I’d include luck gear in this to increase your chance to get better items in these guaranteed chests (I have also suggested random drops during raids but that’s another ball game). It would be less casino rubbish than it is now.

i hope that RR2 changes to the Olympus Rising rules. Where there are 6 chests with 6 rewards. Depending on the opponent you have faced, you can get better rewards, for example: A lower opponent would usually give you 3 Enchanted Chest Rewards, 2 Rare, 1 Legendary. A normal opponent will usually give you 2 Enchanted, 1 Rare, 1 Epic, 1 Legendary (Rewards may vary, it could be 2 Epics and 1 Legendary, or 2 Rares and a Legendary). A Higher ranked opponent would give you 1 Enchanted, 1 Rare, 1 Epic, 3 Legendary (again, it may vary, sometimes it will be only 2 Legendary with either 2 Epics and 1 Rare or 2 Rare and 1 Epic, or 3 Epic. Another combination may be, 3 Legendary with 2 Rare or 2 Epic). But the one downside of these new addition is that you can only open the amount of chests as the amount of crowns you have earned in battle. 1 Crown gets you one key to a chest, 2 Crowns gets two, etc. But there is a button that allows you to “Open All” the chests with using a fair amount of gems (20-30, maybe more for RR2)

@AwesomestKnightest you have explain really great the Vault :slight_smile:  One more thing in Olympus Rising we can have the possibility too if you upgrade and activate the Celestial Boost at level 20 you can unlock a chance to obtain +1 Key for 4 chest on 6 each raid. Really awesome if you want to find epic or godlike items or many gems. I would like like Olympus Rising too the possibility to gain easy gems in COF. In OR you can find easy between 3 and 11 gems a day if lucky maybe 20-30 a day in the vault.

I look in my video if I can find my video who show the 4 chest in action

Here we go :


@Warriornator are you not in your alliance anymore?

No no no its a very old video. that was in the past when I play in solo. Long time ago… its my 2nd series. Now I am at 3rd and same I have started to make my 4th series

like this you know if my video is old or new

1st serie mean I have started the game

2nd Series mean I am probably at level 50 or more

3rd Series mean I am at level 80+

4th Series mean I am over level 100


I group my video depending of the evolution of my progression in the game.

If you look on my channel you will see by example my playlist 1st serie and I write Ascension 1 to 60. 2nd Series Ascension 60 to 80. 3rd series Ascension 80 to 100. 4th Series Ascension 100 to 120,etc…