Chamber of fortune

I think when we level up our king, we should be rewarded with option of opening atleast 4 boxes of 6 instead of 3 (which do not contain skull). Cause leveling up takes hardwork and i think we should be rewarded. What say?

That is an amazing idea and just added it to the list I have going here…I will put your forum name next to it for credit.


EDIT: Added this, thanks for the great idea!

What about 50 gems free each level ? they aren’t few neither a lot. I think it’s good option to encourage the player to rise more and more =)

by the time player will reach level 80, he will recieve 80*50 = 4000 gems! who will buy gems through in game purchases then??

Well, they give free gems to iPhone and Android users from Tapjoy by watching ads and doing deals. The Windows users do not get this option. But they are still making money. Make this only available for Windows users :grinning:

As your example of 80 levels, before get 4000 gems you have to wait 80 levels, i repeat 80 levels aren’t from here to tomorrow…and more you grow up more experience you need to level up to next level, so you have to wait before get that handful of gems, i don’t really think that 50 gems block the salary of flaregames. And if people wanna spend money for gems, they do…since now i didn’t see people that don’t buy gems when they get free gems from quests or leagues or dungeons, and even when there are new updates they spend more and more money to get them, i didn’t see also people that because of new updates they wait to get max things immediately because aren’t inpatience to wait, right? So really do you think that 50 gems block and entire ecosystem of the game ? And when they will (IF) they will put daily bonus, what are you going to think? “Nobody will spend money for gems because they get free through daily bonus ?” There are people that buy gems only to get 100% raid on you…and people that enter in this game is gradually grow up every day and gems are every day boughts by players and if flaregames still is alive means that money arrived in their pockets through people that spend money for gems, so i don’t see the real problem? Maybe i think you get to challenge also if they give you 1 gems per day…


And following on, also, what Jokee said right, I’m not here to say that everybody must get free gems even if windows users don’t have them, and should be their right have them…it’s not the fault of players that download RR2 game on windows system, it’s the fault of flaregames that should thought before release the game for windows users that windows users couldn’t get free gems so if they didn’t release the Windows version, everybody would have been happy on their smarthphone with those tapjoy offers and so on… but ignoring this otherwise i can continue infinite time but i stop here.

Considering how much it costs to keep your items up-to-date, I would say that 50 free gems is more than fair.