"Champions Of Light" now open


[Alliance Name]  Champions Of Light

[Alliance Level] 41

 [Main Language] English is fine 

 [Hero Level Req: None, all is welcome


Hi all players looking for an alliance to join, Champions Of Light is a lv 41 alliance and we tent to accept all range of trophy player to help each other improve.  We offer you   24% gold bonus in raid, blazing knight 24/7 ,Orge, Werewolf and barricade during war and conquest, all free boost in conquest,pro and ninja ,a friendly and helpful chat .

Requirements to join :

Remember to donate alliance gold and conquest resources, participate events,  mutual communication with alliance members so we know you are still playing. 

We are not a too competitive alliance, our goal is to make the most resources out of events so all alliance member can grow their power and still enjoy the game .So if you need an alliance right now and ok with our offers and requirements, just type Champions Of Light in alliance search box and apply, we are always open and clear unactive member weekly for active player to join. 


There are still 15 slot open