Chance of Extra Skulls in CoF

Far too often we have to use gems to open the chest with extra skull. And many times the second chest is an empty chest (with the skull head, but I didn’t say skull, to avoid confusion) as well making the player have to spend 30 gems to get the extra skulls. My suggestion is this: Either the chance for skulls should go up, or you should automatically get the extra skulls after you miss the first chest. I, personally, would rather have the skulls be automatic after the first miss. Please share your thoughts

How to dislike someone’s post?

30 ? yesterday i use 45 diamonds for the 100 Skulls ??

What do you not like about? Don’t just put a spam comment. Explain why you don’t like it

I think the idea of spending diamonds and get more then a free Player is not good.

Then Players that buy a lot diamonds always win…?

Okay, I think there’s a lot of confusion going on here. I am not supporting using more gems to get war skulls. Quite the opposite, actually. Let me clarify my suggestion. The percentage to get the war skulls should stay the same, however, if we happen to miss the chest, we should automatically get the war skulls on our second try. Similar to the Blacksmith. When we miss the forge, we automatically get it the second time

Basically you are saying a guaranteed skull reward for 15 gems?

I would say either remove the whole skull in COF system as they did in ninja or leave it as it is. I don’t see any problem.

However from your post I can understand what you want. You are saying a high value reward with highest chances!! Then gem reward in regular battle should be mandatory with 15 gems!!