Chances of Getting Gems Decreased?

Hey Guys, another post is here. Do you still get the same amount of gems as before? Do you think the banning of dungeons has put you in a loss? Then, this is for you!

Then, click the link below to get your answer.



No, I don’t think so. We just have to fight harder now. You can still get those gems, just can’t be too lazy

I have written in the first line. It happened with me and I cannot say, I will happen with you or not.

Oh my God! bloggers

I’m not a big fan of blogs either, vlogs are more preferable, but in this case, I think it’s an interesting blog. I’d like to know what people think as well

@KingAdityaKumar “FlareGames considered it as a hack because many players play only dungeons to win leagues and therefore, gems. Players were attacking only in dungeons as they gave more XP and medals. So, FlareGames banned the playing of dungeons once again and reduced the medals of new dungeons as your usual medals.”

No, the hack is not the fact that players played dungeons to win leagues.

The hack is when players used automated scripts to play the dungeons. There is a big difference between the two.