Change alliance donate...

The silly 24hr running windows of alliance donate needs to be changed.

Daily chests are available daily… so should my ability to daily donate to alliance.

(its over-engineered over thought, basically just an annoying aspect that serves no purpose other than to annoy people needlessly every damn day)

I can only support this. 

100% agree! We need the option to donate once every day, not once every 24 hours after you donate. Making donations like the free chest would be really awesome! Nobody would ever miss a donation

I’m really hoping this will be added in the new version coming up.

requested since 2 years if I remember. Long time we ask do like Daily rewards. If we can have them both at same time. Will be less a pain and more a life savior. Make the game more easy please. Like demonstrated in the past with 24 hours you lose over time some day of donation. That hurt alliance

 and please also do like Olympus Rising and add a cooldown time for each daily reward. Its always more pleasant to know if I need to come back in 5 hours or in 10 hours to collect my chest. Can you do the same for free chest?

 Hope version 5.0 will add this

Yeah I post this every now and again… its such a simple thing that everyday makes the game less annoying.

Or “hey we annoyed 100,000 players less today … cudos”


Same as Free Pro Ticket, should just reset every 28 days, and you got 28 days to get it. And not 28 days from the moment you took it. But this has also been requested a couple days/weeks after Pro League was introduced. Still nothing happened. I am probably off by like 15-20 days lol

I have stop believe in santa claus for a long time. with Flare wat we ask its send in trash anyway. So I don’t have any hope to see this one day. they add 2% of what we ask over 5 years. So…for now we speak just for fun

I never believed in Santa…I was too smart for that :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: 

Hi, yes, we are aware that this is a highly requested feature! It is on our backlog and something we would also like to see in the game.

Moving this to interesting ideas.