Hi my king is pika pikachuuu and I am the leader of the Alliance Angelic. Please help me change it to Mithril II. 



Unfortunately the support doesn’t provide renames anymore as it create issues in the system.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

But I just got this alliance. You can atleast try. Just the alliance name right?

It’s not possible.

Glad you guys make such awesome settings. Really annoyed with your response only. And I used to watch your youtube vidz.

If it’s not possible it’s not possible. If they change the name of that alliance then devs have to leave the chance to change the name to all the other people that asked before you to change their alliance names and it will become a big mess. 

If one day they want to allow this option they will do it but currently it’s denied for all.

soo its not because you cant change… since you dont want trouble to change. People are right. Its not about players request anymore. Since you have got enough publicity you dont want extra work to do. Making people like a game and then just change rules for your wish. No offence…

Aether already said also why it’s not possible to change: because it may create issues with system. This is the main trouble.

thats a dumb reason dont you think?? I know you will say no. Atleast give us the option to change it ourself

It doesn’t matter if Flares or the players change the name of the alliance, it will still create issues. And it’s not a dumb reason to not allow that change for that, because those issues might affect a good part of the game for everyone (I guess only the devs know what issues they’re talking about, so we can’t discard possibilities). By the way, just in case you haven’t noticed, oPelle doesn’t work for Flares, me neither, but we have to understand when a feature may be problematic for the game.

Paying for gems is not a problem no matter where it comes from but changing an alliance name is a problem?? how come you people talk all this??

Brother just drop it. What’s wrong with you? People are telling you politely that a name change can create issues. We had enough troubles already with some spells.But you just act like a dog with a bone.

i can ask you the same question bro… Asking politely to change my alliance name but you guys like dogs with a bone tell the same thing. 

Many games won’t let you change names, RR isn’t unique in this. If someone says its isn’t currently possible/practical with a reason then respect that. People are trying to help you and inform you rather than deny you.

Hey ajith1992,


You’re showing like a stubborn person, me and others already said you where is the problem, if you don’t like it, accept or leave.



you guys like to show off your authority only… Nothing more than that… If you say yes then its ok and if you say no we should all just shut up and go?? its because of players that a game develops and its good to do what players want than what is easy for you…  

Ajith1992, think the problem is not with the people who has answered you. They are just trying to help.

oPelle is a volunteer Moderator. He helps players and gives valuable advise. He doesn’t work for flares.

Aether is a community manager, but she can’t always fight the dev’s. I know how frustrating it is for her trying to improve this game but to get lame answers from the devs.


Changing an alliance name seems to me a piece of cake. Simplest thing to do. It can’t cause more “issues” than transferring players accounts. It was also done before, many times. No harm caused.

Therefore, the real problem is Flares dev’s. They are lazy. They couldn’t care less for any customer support. So the simplest way is to lie in your face and to say “it makes issues”. No explanations needed. This will also turn all the other players against you, because we eat too many “issues” and bugs with this game lately.


Think you have no other choice but to wait patiently, until their majesties, the flares devs will have a good mood one day.

Hey Ajith1992,


I think they don’t wanna let change alliance name because of alliance wars probably, this is my thought, i’d like the idea to change the alliance name(not for my alliance) but for any suggestions there is the dedicated forum, although this idea has been already written multiple times.

What Edwarth the 7th wrote is completely right too, they could say that “it makes issues” only because they are lazy to do it, but maybe if it true that there is an issue behind…then errr you’ll eat one’s words XD




Haha, yes oPelle. You’re right. :slight_smile:

No shame to apologize if you are wrong. But since i can remember, from 700+ posts I’ve made here, I needed to to eat my words about flares only once.


So, still think LAZY is the correct reasoning here, not “issues”. :slight_smile:

Actually i understand its not upto you guys. I only got angry with dog and bone comparison also that take it or leave it talk.