Change Alliance Wars Seeding Back To Original Design

​The original plan for alliance wars seeding was group maps by fifedoms with any ties being separated by Trophy level. 


This made it possible to see who you were going to be paired with ahead of time and make war plans during the downtime.


It also forced the top alliances to fight each other instead of feasting on lower alliances that have zero chance of beating them.


Since the unexplained change of seeding of the top 20 alliances, the top alliances have just about doubled everyone else in fifedoms.


Everyone below the top 5 are doomed to be stuck in the 40 fifedom range while the top 4 at least roll merrily along to 100 with no competition.




Please return the seeding to the original intent and at least then the top will have to share the 18 fifedoms each week and we can make war plans ahead each week.