Change at spells

Why flare change the cooldown for toxic at lvl 13 and 14 insted of 16 17???

I stoped upgrading so i can use it more often. Now i have to apgrade to max.

U disapoint again.



My toxic at lvl 13 and the cooldown is now 12.5

It was supposed to change at lvl 16 17.

And i cant show u picture of what my tc spell because max total size 1.95mb

It took me months to forge it and now its 0.5 s longer ? and weak.

Let us go to previus level.

U change it after we upgarade and its not fair.

Let us go to previus level.

U change it after we upgarade and its not fair.

Indeed, they stealth nerfed TC.

It has 12 seconds CD at level 15. Now it has 13 secnds CD.

I don’t like the fact, that they stealth nerf something without telling us about it. That’s extremely low FG…

At least do a changelog. Do you think you can do anything to the player base?.. FG you are getting worse day by day, update by update…

I have attached Screen-shots from Wiki and the Toxic Cloud Spell (lvl 15) the cooldown is supposed to be 12 Secs and it has now increased to 13 secs…

Wondering why the cloak and dagger why wasn’t this informed?

Is there any other changes that was made which we should be aware off?

Level 13 has 12.5s cooldown now. Also news has spread that monks in defense have been significantly buffed. I don’t know why they do not just reveal it straightaway

Level 17 still has 13 seconds cooldown …

So the point is. They basically forced players to upgrade TC to max level now, as there is no CD advantage in leaving it at level 15, while still getting okayish damage. Kind of a dick move.

Well, you could argue that 1 second is not a big deal compared to missing out on 2K damage. But still it should have been the player’s choice to make, not FG’s.

And no matter what. Stealth nerfing is a dick move oO


I asked the team about it and there has been a change for the cooldown of Toxic Cloud for level 15 and below.

Additionally there will be a slight change regarding the range of the Frost Tower.

Thanks for the answer aleasy.

Well, i understand the reason of the toxic cloud change, but… when we upgreded to level 13 and 14 we were offerd one thing and now we get +0.5sec cooldown for each level. And it changes a lot! For me its very importent. It realy ruined my spell and now i cant use it like i did. I wait alot for the cd now… its lvl 13 for me and its not even kill unboosted froster… i stoped upgrading it in porpuse and other players did like me.

I think if you make changes like this, first its importent for us to know about it, you should at least give us the option to go back to lvl 12, where it was much usfull.

Cuz if i knew that at first, maybe i would upgrade it already  to max(and use it to kill troops too and not just slow them) and not start upgrading other spell.

Anyway i would prefer it to be back to level 15 at 12 seconds. But if not that i will realy aprishiate to go back to level 12.

Hope it is possible. If not i guess i will just upgrade it to max.

I planed my upgarade and i wanted low tc to use it more often and to kill with it.

I realy dont like it.

Just Another Disappointment from Flare.

Thanks for reading.?

Sorry if i did mistakes with my english?.

Nice. They should be changed. They didnt work with the hero behide a baricade. I have test the damage of the maxed frost tower to snake tower. It show 734 but isnt deadly than 580 of snake tower. I dont know how they work :confused:

Terrible, Flare, just terrible. Another reason why I’m not buying gems anymore. Just really underhanded. Again nerfing offense because a handful of players complained. Way to frustrate your players.

They would be wolf killers



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