Change attack menu

Hi all. 

A mid level player here…i enjoying the game so much. 

The game underwent a huge change when flare added beasts and pals to game. The concept of attacking and defence changed completely after 3.0 update. 

But the attack menu is still same for years. Not a single change. 

I have an idea.I don’t know if it will be appreciated or trolled… But I will share it here. 

Like we get ninja(diff ninja diff thumbnail) zombie and yeti thumbnails in attack menu page…same should be followed for beasts too… not that old beast icon plz…  we don’t know what will come when u get first trophy(siege). So plz provide individual beast thumbnail in attack menu it will be helpful for many.

I agree that the menu UI needs to be fixed, like adding wardrobe options and options to set your beast but I don’t think making the enemy’s beast known before attacking them is necessary. It takes away the fun of the mystery

If it is so we don’t even need the weird beast thumbnail there… Cause for me it doesn’t make sense at all. After almost a year of that 3.0 update now every alliances has beast in Def even if u consider lower alliances they have the beasts… So why we need that beast thumb if it doesn’t do anything good for a reason 

Well it is a mystery anyway because you still don’t know what units/towers are where in the map and at what level and at what boost. You may technically know the locations of boosted towers but if they’re all boosted (like different boosts for different towers simultanously) it won’t work. You can guess the towers at the start and at the gate will be the strongest but that still doesn’t tell an awful lot. You’re still going into battle half blind though you may spend half an hour trying to guess things by various clues.