change champion in war

I like the champion ability in war but when its active you only get double the attack which does help a little maybe gain extra 1000 skulls plus because your only grinding for bonus skulls what I would like to see is when you are a champion you get double attacks as normal but it counts your best 5 fights that would give any member a proper bonus and would really make them a champion slight change but would make a big difference

The only problem is that this makes the champions a lot more powerful and forcing other alliances to have to use them to be able to compete. This also will pull gold away from alliance boosts to have gold for champions. Not all alliances can afford this.

In my alliance our champions usually grab twice more skulls than others, ie 4000-4500 additional skulls, not 1000 (we are usually ranked 20 to 30). Champs also play twice more fights, which is a constraints, so the teams can’t always name their best players champions (especially when there are several fronts), which is good.

I think the champion system should remain a is.