Change color of leader in chat

Possibly the easiest and most useful improvement:

Make the name of the leader any color besides Babypuke Orange while posting in alliance chat please!

It would be so easy!

It’s the ame color as [connect]/[disconnect] system mesages and looks odd like they should be different colors.


Also it can’t be blue becaue the chat background is blue but any other color would work!


Colors I prefer in order: Black, Red, Pink, Gold, Silver/Grey, A better Orange, Any!

Edited title to be more meaningful.


Btw while we’re at it, what do you think of changing the color of the login/off messages as well?

I don’t really have an issue with my “babypuke orange” chat color however my members have said they feel the general’s color stands out more than the leader’s


a bright red would probably stand out more than the bright yellow

Hi guys,


Sorry, I love the orange colour of the leader and the yellow of the general.

So flaregames, keep it, please. :slight_smile:



I would prefer they just be different colors . . But really the orrange is so bland to me. If they were whight or black they’d hit the eye as a “sytem mesage”.

true… personally I also like the orange, but doesn’t stand out as much as generals’ light yellow

I will pass this on and see how easy it can be implemented.

While you are at it Jona, may be just give players the possibility to choose out of 10-15 colours. The Leader and the General colours chosen by the respective groups being exclusive and can’t be chosen by Soldiers. So that we for example have an alliance like this:

A - Leader e.g. Purple

B - General e.g. Blue

C - General Blue

D - General Blue

E - Soldier Red

F - Soldier Pink

G - Soldier Green

H - Soldier Orange


Personally I hate Generals’ eye cancer yellow :wink:

jeez u really gotta go and make a simple idea that complex eh??


anything else flare can do for you your highness?

Red is a good color for a leader. Stands out and symbolizes power

Please no fluorescent or brilliant colors ! otherwise my eyes suffer  :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the current orange is a “dirty orange” so just need a clean  :grinning:

Hi Everyone,


The generals’ names in chat have this cool golden color while the leader’s is in a (sick) orange/brownish color.


How about a nice bright red color for the leader’s name?



Ahaha yes. I have also brought this up, and so has another…


Jona said he would he look into if it would be an easy fix for them to implement…

Yes, this implementation is pretty easy to change, they shouldnt have problem to change it.

But what if some like it the way it is already

Just saying, I like the orange more than the yellow (not gold!) that the generals have. The yellow is just like *flash* YELLOW EVERYWHERE *flash*, standing out a bit too much… the orange, on contrast, actually (imho) isn’t too bad. 


#Edit: Anyway, merged this topic with an identical one from February… 

Bright red and flash yellow it’s not the right solution… you would be constantly to look that *** colors instead of read the sentences that a person writes.

Just put dirty red and dirty yellow it’s the eye doesn’t bother.