Change how shield in war operates

War at mid to high level always ends with an anti climax. Why? Because during the most important matches, both teams will spam and shield all of their top players.


Hence, this ironically makes the most important matches easier and more boring, as both teams waste money in taking out both teams’ best defense out of the equation.


Games should always follow a principle of high risk high reward to make things interesting.


Hence, I suggest instead of having 50% skull reduction when a player is shielded, make it so that when a player is shielded, you can’t use scroll, revive, or even insta unit. This will make important matches way more interesting.


Imagine when both teams started shielding all top bases, players will then have to decide whether to attack top bases when there’s no room for error, or attack lesser bases with lower but “guaranteed” skulls.


So you want to nerf the shield to make attacks less boring, BUT have it only nerfed during the war


I’m referring to the “war shield” not the spell.


well…I’m outta here

I agree with you then lol, sorry for the confusion that I caused myself

This is indeed interesting. Shield should not reduce skulls, but prevent usage of exactly what you proposed LacunaC. No scrolls, resurrection and no insta troops allowed. 

I only wonder if someone would still raid them, why risk losing precious skulls, when there is no additional reward for beating a shielded player? Some extra skulls for example, 10% maybe? As a bonus some advantage added to the base of the defender? Less time to beat the base, 15 seconds less could already make it harder to beat. And as an extra, you can only raid a shielded player exactly once?

For champions I would also change the behavior, higher rewards indeed, no extra raids, but without scrolls, resurrections plus instas. Also for champions 10% extra skull bonus and no stack mechamism?

Interesting… Declaring shielded and champions then really gets interesting. You only shield players of your team where you expect other players to fail and champ only when you think a person can win without scrolls, resurrections plus insta troops.

Now we just either shield highest players or players who bleed skulls.


The additional “reward” is the skulls from cof.


I’d assume no one will pay alliance gold for the shield if it gives the raider more skulls instead.

Also nobody will raid a shielded one handful of extra skulls inside a cof, the risk is huge. Also, this would assume that only the highest players can be shielded and I think that’s not the intention of a shield.

There has to be a good reason to do an extra risky raid that by failing could cost you the war. I know nobody will pay for shielding, when the opponent gets extra skulls, but like I said, why raid a shielded player for less than 10 skulls extra, when you aren’t allowed to scroll, resurrect and can’t use insta troops?

For the opposite team, there must be an attractive reason to raid a shielded player. Maybe limit the number of raids against them to max 1 per player of the opposite team? Then it’s still attractive to shield for multiple reasons.