Change Ninja Rewards

please change ninja  reward for max LVL alliances (80) 
we all time have more scores but don’t got more rewards. i think FG must change this old rewards and replace with more rewards

19m but only 6 ubers. Realy low rewards

Yeah that does seem freakily low. Perhaps a new change would be where you’re alliance members, including yourself, can pick up puzzle pieces and if you pick them all up, you’re alliance gets a new pal! Would be quite interesting, imo. Just trying to come up with new and exciting ways to help out the ninja event :slight_smile:  

they have add Pro chest in War Season. Why not in Ninja Event? for 20 Millions you get 1 Pro Chest

Great idea! Although, then we’d get the complaints on how bad those are . If you’re gonna add the Pro Chests into the ninja event, you have to make the rewards better than just pal food and pearls. We already get enough pearls from the ninja event itself

why not do like a Uber Pal chest then in Day 28. Who garanteed at 100% 1 Pro item. This way you will make Ninja Event more interesting for some players

this way will allow some players to do Pro League to buy and donate Pro Pals. Win win for everyone I think

Yeah, forgot about Pal Chests, that’s another one they could add in. Flare should randomize which good rewards you’ll get, instead of the same thing over and over. You need to spice things up every once in a while

Agree that the rewards can be randoms and never be the same for each Ninja Event. by example you can do Ninja Event and the Alliance Rewards is 6 Uber chest, 1 Pro Chest and Ninja. The next Ninja Event can be 4 Uber,2 Uber Pal Chest,1 Pro and Ninja. The next ninja Event can be 10 Uber chest and Ninja,etc…

like War Season the rewards should be more randoms to offer never the same

Exactly! (out of likes, so I can’t like your post lol)

I want the competition, which alliance will score more

it would be fun

Sorta like a war and ninja mixed together! Sounds interesting, but there are so few players that don’t get 100% and then it’s just down to whoever has the most trophies and I see a lot of unfairness and complaints coming out of this

If they are so unskilled what they cant make ninja 100% its a shame.

Good point Ninja Event its little boring. Its too much like daily raids but you get Ninja Points for rewards. Can be cool if a Alliance can score 50 Millions or 100 Millions point. Why not. something will stop everyone to be number 1. When you 30 or 40 players be number 1. You see Ninja Event is too much easy.

its so much boring now that I have forget 2 time in a row to do my Ninja Event. I miss it. Ninja Event need something more fun to do. Fight Boss or accomplish special quest during Ninja Event like : You must use Toxic Cloud for 30 minutes or You must kill 40 units with Black Magic or You must use Pal Flute and destroy 20% of Towers with Pal

Something who will make us have more fun during Ninja Event. Same if the rewards can be huge its not enough to do it