Change of alliance name

The name of my alliance is Mexico 01. however we want to change the name, since we are from different countries. I want you to help change the name.

I’m afraid you can’t change your alliance name. So be careful when you began to build your alliance with it’s name.

Few days ago I submitted a Support Ticket with Flare with the same exact request… but Flare responded by saying:

But as a Software developer myself, I can tell you that there is no “technical limitations”… this is a 2 minute job max… all they had to do was edit a field in their database.

I know that it’s no technical limitation, just flare doesn’t allow it. A long while ago this was possible, but it lead to inconsistency. So to prevent that to happen, name changes were no longer allowed. 

Inside a database redundancy can exists, so it doesn’t have to be just update a row. If you really want to change the name, support is the only one who can help you.


Sure, redundancy can exist… but that should not take more than 2 minutes anyway.

Flare should allow to edit alliance name atleast once… like the player name, which previously they also said was not possible.

Sure, redundancy can exist… but that should not take more than 2 minutes anyway.

Flare should allow to edit alliance name atleast once… like the player name, which previously they also said was not possible.

You don’t want to know what happened in the past, similar like we sometimes see now, multiple occurrences of same alliance were just one example. Only it was worse, some players appeared in a team, while others did not. 

That it’s logical that players should be able to rename a team, but unfortunately Flare does not allow us to do for a reason.

^ That’s just sign of bad programming on Flare’s part.


Flare don’t even mention to new players that they cannot rename later… are we supposed to know their FAQ/Knowlegebase section even before we had the chance to play their game or something?

You have two kind of software developers. The ones that are good in iterative programs (program languages) and the ones that are good in developing set oriented software (databases). The ones that are expert in both worlds are very rare. It’s normal, because it’s two different worlds. When a software developer with no knowledge of SQL server starts to develop a database, it’s really a disaster and he doesn’t have a clue what’s wrong with the design.  

Flare announced we can change the player name once, it’s indeed strange, but still, you could have read it in their knowledgebase. It’s only introduced a couple of months ago, so players who are playing already for a long time, never had that opportunity till recently. 

This is not complicated at all!

Even I make mobile games, which uses internet and database… even I allow players to change their names easily!

I don’t make games but as database plus software developer myself I daily am confronted with bad designed databases and bad designed code. It’s not that hard to change the name when your database design is correct. I would create an AllianceID as primary key plus an unique column for the name. changing the name is piece of cake in that case.

But when they didn’t use an AllianceId, but defined AllianceName as primary key (which is a terrible mistake, since a primary key should not be changed at all), then it’s a different story.  In that case you need to update all foreign keys and that’s what a lot of developers forget to create inside a database. So actually they don’t have an overview what is related to Alliance. Just forget to replace the old name by a new one in one table and it’s party time for errors and bugs. 

Mistake most likely is bad database design which makes it hard to change the name. Same could be for player names. I would always use a player id and make the name editable (only constraint required is that the name is unique). Same for alliance name. For player name change they might have written a method that replaces the name overall inside the database. Why only one change is allowed isn’t clear to me, that’s up to flare.

So depending on the database structure it can be easy or a nightmare. 

So in other words, the reason for names being unchangable is that Flare are incompetent. :stuck_out_tongue:

But technicalities and player douchery aside, I don’t see why there shouldn’t it be possible to rename stuff once in a while (several months?) or have a rename item you can drop or buy. It’s a method widely used so why not implement it here as well.

^ There you go! that’s my point too… but only beginners make that kind of mistake.

But if they really did make that mistake… and don’t want to manually update Database rows, then they can still easily prepare an auto-update Script for system-wide Database Alliance Name change, that too should not take more than a few hours to make (including bug and error testing). And when someone requests through their Support, they can easily change the Alliance Name in a few seconds that way.

Allowing people to change names, and alliance names is a bad idea in this game. It would be open to abuse from people to do bad things and hide - with little to gain.

Replying with technical limitations is easier than explaining the real reasons why. (though technically the support staff are also being truthful in that they can’t actually change it).

^ Same with Player Name, abuse… but they do allow changing it atleast once… that’s all I am asking here, allow atleast once! Also I mentioned that they can do it via Support Request if they don’t want it in-game, that way they can easily control abuse and reject repeated Requests.

Again, there is no such thing as “technical limitations” here.

not cool we deserve to chance alliance name at least one time