Change of War Season

Hey there - just noticed that the war season has changed from Eye for an Eye to Opposing Forces, but I didn’t read anything about that in the server update. Is this permanent, because I was kinda looking forward to ThaBossFrosta and Petrified Bomber. :wacko: 

Hopefully it’ll get changed back and I can enjoy my double boosted frosters!


Yeah, I wanted to have the new Basilisk Bombers :slightly_frowning_face:  

I want double frosters :slightly_frowning_face:

I think everyone would be interested in the basilisk bombers. On the other hand, since we know how good new items are tested, we better wait till it’s tested more.

I don’t want to experience freezes, crashes and whatever annoying could be cause by those towers when it would have an unpleasant side effect.

Better wait till they had more time to test them.

The War Eye for an Eye will take place later, due to a localization issue for the name of a boost.

OK :slight_smile:  Thanks for the info - can’t wait!

Get ready for Offense Super OP with Insta Archers. Season to enjoy :slight_smile:


Make sure it’s after a season when DracoFroster is available for the 3rd placed teams.

can’t  wait