change pro league sterategy

 there is 12 challenge on pro league but why most 9of challenge be easy allways and last 3 of them be so hard. so many players cant win pro league and its not fun for them

we want somethings change on that:

1-make pro league like ninja event and all players can play on pro easily

2-remove big gem rewards for rank 1-3.

3-make all 12 challenge harder and then all players can do their best on all 12 challenge to get good score

we all know so many players playing this game on different device with second account,if make this pro league like ninja event but with same combos for all players then all we can play on pro just for fun!

this pro league is sucks because just make players angry and most wait for 1 week to see our finally rank.

fix pro rewards and make it easy for all players for fun game

why play at all in the pro league! we demand to give us the highest rewards every week!

its not fun.

It’s pro, that’s why it’s difficult and only professional one that can get higher rank.

Pro league is challenge, if you want fun, there’s the other event like ninja and festival that giving us big rewards with easy ways.

ps. I never rank top 100 but have no problem with the difficulty of pro  league. I just think that the other players are better than me or it’s unusual combo for me. Still keep trying though. ?


bro? I think Im understand that you want

Is that a display bug? Fourofjacks will get 10k gems and just 7 chests? Why the others will receive 15k gems and 10 chests?

That must be incorrect.

he behaved badly last year

Still… If that’s the case, why not simply don’t let players with bad behavior participate in pro league. Or is there a rule that once you are a payer, that bans and punishments aren’t permanent? Sounds like animal farm, we are equal, but some are more equal. 

double standards have always been and will be! this game is no exception)

i am not sure the other players are better, i think they play dishonestly (and i am 95% sure)

If it’s challenge thay most make all 12 maps like challenge.this pro is only about luck.who have luck and can go better.

Having pre knowledge of what to face I would call cheating. So for example that pro league with purtrid prawlers. Nobody could know that pushing forward a few purtrid prawlers would be the trick to survive and pass the first waves. So players who actually did that, knew 100% sure what was coming, there is just no other explanation. Be it due to profiting from a bug letting them try endless times or by watching videos, showing them what to do. No person would use that technique on first attempt, it’s as simple as that. 

It’s similar to running a script on the background to manipulate the outcome, so my main question is why they ban players that they suspect to have run a script (no 100% evidence, but just a suspicion) in the background not even during pro league (you know who I mean flare!) and don’t dare to take any action to players playing with multiple accounts and obvious pre knowledge? 

I have said enough here, pro league has turned into a big joke. It has nothing to do with skills according to me. 

Wrong, wrong.

Without a doubt, these are the winners of the current PL. At least they show 2 out of three times I am opining the weekly ranks. :wink:

Seriously Flare, the scores in the posting above are also wrong (looks photoshopped).
Still, get your sh** together, your bugs are killing the fun in the game.
And give extra credit to the top guys, difficult to see their achievements this week.

I send mail to flare about this bug some days ago.thay know this issuse and working on that.

That add this stupid league this year and game is full of bug

To make it more ridiculous, why on earth the option to give tickets away is introduced? We nowadays even see ticket hoppers. A player joining our team was immediately asking for pro tickets. To make it even worse, he asked again this pro league and after receiving the ticket he just left.

This is what your intention was Flare? Nope? Why on earth you ever added that ‘feature’? You know that players with multiple accounts will transfer tickets to main account, didn’t you? Just remove that transfer option, players only abuse it.  

the one answer all time … :wink:


Yes, I know, there is also another Tread about it. @Archimedes was looking into it, but bug fixing seems to take ages nowadays.

Right now, I am really angry at them. Not only Flare, but also Keen Flare. Why should we spend time and money in this game when there is such a poor service?
These ranks are important to many of us.

It seems they are busy spending their money for Flare Accelerator projects rather than to take care of their Cash Cow.

Yes it’s one of their fail

That it is indeed.