High kings lost a lot of skulls. It’s not fair. All of the high kings must leave their alliance when they have a war as tungsix, wm2014. they lost 650- 750 skulls from each raid of enemy.

he he, War alliance, it’s not for high level king …lol

I think, War alliance has to change rule: Skulls of anybody, who leave or join alliance during war time, will not add to total skulls of alliance! 

Because when my alliance fighting with Roaring Lion, i fight with a lot member from Sk… LOL

When starting season war: Quantity member of 1 clan have to fixed, you can leave alliance, your skulls will be reduce. You join new alliance, your skull will not add to total skulls of new alliance! It’s mean that: 1 King, who only fighting for 1 alliance during war time!

As soon as a war season has started, new members should not be allowed to participate in the war.

Yeah, what SK and Roaring Lion doing now… Like dumping Fieldom, massive transfer members, help other alliance defeat main opponent in any tricks they can use. Are all of these intended by flare? If yes then I am disappointed. SK, Roaring Lion and Apoc likely going to stay at the same league, whoever won like NATO, Todes, us if lucky or whoever will be beaten badly when they join the same league with SK and it’s gang. SK shows us how to win in difference way then what we all expect.

We are in difference league, now leading by NATO and Todes without any tricks outside it’s own alliance strategy. Which earn respect from me.

Well, Doinno and Immortals were decisive in winning Jimbob 5000 gems of the video, and niguém SK came crying here, Doinno is just a bad losers.

Its happening to everyone even us lower level Alliances one alliance had 25 players as soon as we started winning they dumped 13 of their lowest players lol… But hey its War and nothing ever good comes from War so we are just dealing with it. We had a few new players come into other alliances and fight us then leave before we could retaliate. No matter what Flare does theres always gonna be those who try to get around the system, So we’ve taken the high road and stayed true and battled them all and are having fun doing so… just my 2 cents worth :slight_smile:


Crazy. talking about rules. seem don’t understand language of people.

SK is the poison, really, get real Strawhat, you often speak sense and I respect that but in this instance your patriotism blinds you. Look much closer to home for poison, look at the bloated ploughed IL kings SK face, with one lvl 113 king staying low and stripping to the max and the lvl 104 one taking dumps (I’m talking about you Lance) Look at the multi account holding strip, dump superstar wm2014/Hudson Hawk/Big Pilot ripping trophies from all above and dumping them on the wm main. Poisonous behaviour … oh like using software to keep yourself logged on throughout the 5000 gem contest … wonder who did that? Add that to the fact that IL have been swapping in and out of VL too now they are out of the fight… come on tell me its all SK and the above are angels. You may not like SK for whatever reason, but I can assure you of one thing, they are far more honest and honourable than most.  

hot topic. =)) wow wow.

Sorry, I take back ‘poison’.

SK is the first alliance swap in and out members.

SK is the only alliance Fieldom dumpling.

I feel really bad when an exciting alliance war update turn out like trophy leaderboard. It is all about the tricks that no one would though of but SK. So more and more alliances will follow the tricks you guys start, alliance war will become worthless like trophy leaderboard. Is there any alliance want to join your league when you gang up with 3-4 alliances or 180 players (Change alliance anytime) up there waiting? Will this ruin the game? Why can’t SK win the war in good manners?

I hope that the only league you ruin, don’t reach your hand on our league. NATO and Todes is leading in good manners without the trick you guys use.

I don’t really want to talk about trophy dumping and trophy. But if you insist. Do you know who were in top 10 leaderboard after alliance update? None Made in top 10 except SK, there are few can make in top 10 very short time like jeanne, jimmi, Doinovation, Tin. But they will be stripped down very fast. Guess who is the biggest trophy dumper and stripper?

Not quite correct strawhat, VL/IL swapped in out members first, also I think you will find that those two alliances were going to be ganging up on the others if they’d had the chance and IL hadn’t crashed out. Don’t push it all on SK as the bad guys, to be honest if we lose we get la la la, if we win we get accused of doing the something wrong despite others doing the same, the reality is in your eyes SK are the bad guys. But consider this, maybe other alliances see VL and IL in a less rose tinted way than you do, maybe they don’t like the way THEY have dragged the game through the mud with exploits, cheats etc, maybe they don’t have as many friends as they hoped. Anyway I am off to plough a few thousand gems, set up a couple of proxy accounts and start my always on line script … as it seems that is what is considered fair play.

Ask Kipps when did he join RL? Who else is doing Fieldom dumping? Why SK only has 43 players, some of them not even SK member. You guys really turning the alliance war like leaderboard. Please keep your trick in your league, don’t reach your hand in our league, it isn’t a fun game. NATO and Todes is leading without those tricks, no member swapping, no Fieldom dumping.

Which alliance want to join your league? If you can gather 4 alliances in the league,and staying there forever using same tactic, no other 2 alliance stand a chance even they copy your tricks. Did you ruin the game?

I hope flare can do something and make the alliance war not the way SK is playing. Hope Jona look into this problem, 3 team gang up is hard enough for the alliance just join SK league future season. But… Combine with Swapping members and Fieldom dumping make no other alliance has a slightly chance.

you like a buffalo. you don’t have anythings to talk. eat grass and eat again. i am talking about rules. =))

Ask Hung (Tran Mihn) when did he join VL? Though he has left now I guess because his skull worth is to high … there is your original shift, a few jumped atraight from IL to VL once they were out. As for fieldom dumping, we took from Lions, yes it was an easier win, but they had other battles to concentrate on. If you’d like to check, we are not fighting at all at the moment, so no dumping taking place. The tiles dictate that SK will not win this war. 

But Lancy … as you so often quote, there are no rules … that’s how you got round your ploughing exploits isn’t it? But for your original post, yes I agree it is unfair that a higher king is punished so hard in this war … but maybe that’s flares intent push some of us … you, out of the game … all that ploughing time wasted now I guess. 

This is the first war and its been interesting to see how teams are adapting to it. Shame the map was set up the way it was, would have been great to fight SK directly… But guessing that this will bring new problems as this is not a game for high level kings… So top SK Kings would have to move out anyway, then top VL would have to follow. I got 648 skulls from 1 attack on high SK king, so unfair he can’t play, without losing it for his team.

Guess I’m only a few levels off leaking skulls on attacks too.