Change spell and unit easily at "prepare for battle" screen

At the “prepare for battle” screen, it would be great if you can change your spell and unit selection at the same time when you select which item pre slot you decide to use.

At the moment, i use different spells and units depending on the style of the opponent’s base. It’s very easy to change the items sets via the pre slots, but it’s an unimaginable pain to change the spells and units every time.

Let’s say I find one opponent. I set up with a set of equipment, spells and units. I try to raid, but discover they are online. So I find another opponent, set up my things again, only to find that opponent is online too. Rinse and repeat. It’s a complete pain.

In the day or two before ninja, at the highest levels of trophies, almost everyone is online. So it’s a compete nightmare having to keep changing the raid set up each time. I think I spend as much time looking for opponents and changing set up, than actually raiding.

Please link each item pre slot with a specific selection of spells and units. It would be an amazing time saver if you did. Thanks.

We asked for this option for years.

Flare never listened. :roll_eyes:

Doubt its the thing they need to hurry on
U can always change everything manually

Also i have no idea why do you need to change at all

One combo helps to pass every base no matter scull wears or battle ones