I hate Start Morale, what a stupid idea you get like what?  3 extra Morale bumps just to start and it has 0 effect on you the rest of the Raid?  Every time I get that Perk I’m so pissed.  I want to recommend changing it to Max Morale, so again it would have no effect on you the rest of the Raid except!  You could store up a little more Morale than most people and wait for the perfect moment like when a Portal Ogre died. 

i disagree. Start morale is essential for high level gameplay. unless you want to spend a few gems or are a really experienced player. Start morale is the way to go to build up an army at the tent before moving away to beat the rest of the base. Another thing is if we changed the start morale to max morale, most people will have tons of morale to build up. This would unbalance the game. You would be able to start the raid with lets say 30 morale, if you wanted to wait for the chock point to move away, your morale would build up to something that would make it unbalance the game. It would be more based on how much start morale you got.

First off.  I am a high level player.  106 - 107, I really can’t remember.  And I don’t find it essential I think it’s about equivalent to no perk.  So obviously you and I disagree. 

But here’s the most important question: do you use it?

Even I use start morale, it is just fantastic.

It doubles my morale at start (I have around 100%). It works fantastic. Imagine you can start with double amount of troops. That gives you a huge advantage and saves time.

Without start morale I had following problems. First wave of opponent is maxed. A lot of troops/monsters came in and whatever spell combination I had, I was literally forced to waste one or two spells to make sure my few troops survived, because they were clearly overpowered. Plus I had to be patient, shield my first troops and lost precious time to build a descent army before I was able to move forward.

Now with double morale to start with, I just summon an army of troops and destroy first wave with ease without even wasting a single spell. In fact I have double morale to start with and most times I start with ranged troops (my arbs/frenzies have range 6.5 and an increased fire rate) and outshoot every incoming wave without a problem.

I can save my spells for taking out first barricades plus towers and can concentrate on what really matters, taking care of towers with my spells and move forward without losing a lot of time. Just because I have an army at start a few moments after start I can start summoning additional troops to support the army plus the ones that do serious damage to towers, like cannons/knights/ pyro/monks/wolf .

Top players will definitely have way more start morale than me and literally can start with three ogres plus a wolf plus very soon followed by more ogres plus wolves. with such an army at start, the defense is in serious trouble.

If you use a lot of low morale troops like knights or archers, then you can build already an army, so then it might be not really needed, maybe then it’s better to go for higher leadership or scream instead.

Yep. i do use it.

Im level 107. i honestly can’t see myself raiding in war against rl and apoc without the start morale. cause how else will i get enough army to beat their bases?

Regardless. Start morale is here to stay most likely. same can’t be said for skull perks. hopefully

Actually start morale is very useful, I use it on my combat gear for wars and it does help a lot to win, having that morale advantage in the beginning makes easier the rest of the raid, because in every moment you have more units that you would have normally (unless all are killed anyway lol).

Yeah I used to use that perk and I won every single battle with it lol.

Yes, I used to use that perk is not a defense of the perk.

Obviously more people like this "terrible"perk than I expected…

My issue does stand on it’s own though even if the current perk is sort of liked…

Wouldn’t it be cooler if it allowed you to store up more morale at those moments where it wasn’t right to be spawning units?

First of all, once you start to use Start Morale more often than usually means that you find the attackers’ defenses more deadly because of their high DPS on the first chokepoint close to the tent. Now in such situation without a start morale perk you might start always underpowered and not being able to do “something” useful that would allow you to push forward. So Start Morale is useful for the Start only (the perk itself says it) and help you to counterattack equally the defense for the first seconds of the raid.

Now thinking about a “max morale” that would allow you to store more morale is something unproductive since as i said if you start using start morale more often than usually is because you find the defenses difficult to beat and difficult bases means that you don’t have the time to let fully charge your morale bar and dance in the meantime also because i don’t think you stay those 20 seconds without spawning troops because you want to test the so-called max morale in a 6k base?  :stuck_out_tongue:  That’s why start morale is preferably keep it as it is.

This is just plain an inaccurate defense. 

I get it you like it as is.  But your defense is of it is incorrect. 

If you were to say it would be too much if it were changed to Max Morale.  That’s open to argument. 

But when the King first appears his maximum morale is always full so if Start Morale was changed to Max Morale then you would have the same exact amount of Morale to start the game, but the added bonus would be throughout the game you could build back up to a higher Morale than you could otherwise build up to.

I don’t think they’ll ever make the morale bar longer for just a perk, I know there’s no need for that, but having the “+#” green arrow would be weird, at least for me it doesn’t help to know how much morale you have exactly, with start morale I just spawn until there’s no bar anymore xD. What you say indeed affects the rest of the raid, but maybe not much and also that higher morale limit won’t always be used.