change the "collect all" button

Before the blacksmith event, I personally have the problem that I keep pressing the collect all button cause of habit. I always click that button after a raid, that’s why I have collected the pearls multiple times already, before the event started. And you know how tough it is to break habit. That costs a lot of pearls. I can understand that the button is good and saves time, especially cause you would have to click 4 times each to collect food/gold, but pearls only needs one click. So including the pearls is kinda unnecessary to me

why would you not want to collect your pearls? they only get multiplied if you start forging or are in the procces of forging them when the event starts

If you’ve melted down an item before the Blacksmith starts, and then collect once it DOES start, I don’t think you get the pearl amount that you would’ve received if you had waited until the event started to meltdown that same item. Imho, I don’t think you SHOULD get the buffed pearl amount. You didn’t melt it down in the event, so you don’t get the extra pearls