Change The Festival Rewards Back!

People were saving festival tokens to spend on the last day. Now we got useless junk rewards.
Change Them Back!


I agree! I was saving for Gaspar and now it is gone. Why would the festival be changed???


I’m really disappointed for this change in festival rewards! No one informed us! I was saving my boxes for buying all the festival and rune chests and now they are gone! I’m not interested in these new rewards, not at all. And wait…more than 5000 boxes for the ogre skin!!! That is ridiculous! Never seen such an expensive reward! Please give us the old rewards back!!


This is frustrating. I logged on last night , says festival had 2 days left. Now it’s bogus items. I was planning to get more present and another Gasper. Not the bad items offered now


Why did you change the festival awards? I was saving up for the gift boxes and skull boosts, but now there is nothing more interesting. Please give us the old awards which were much more interesting. Thank you


Yes, we don’t care about having more days of festival if the rewards are gonna be so bad! No gaspar, no skull items, it’s like we can’t trust Flare any more, making these changes that benefit no one.


I have members talking of leaving the game. One especially who was saving for a gaspar, he’s really upset. I think this change may have hurt his and a lot of people’s feelings. He never spends money on the game, but I do. And he is a funny guy, very talkative in chat. Seriously would hate to lose him. As would my other supporter members and everyone else. He’s a rare gem in games like this and makes it fun.

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I agree, it’s totally unfair. I was saving to get Gaspar on the last day and now it’s gone. So I can’t get it while others were able to. And instead, what do we get? Crappy rewards for 7 days!

If you plan to change things half way, we must be informed about it.