Change the payment currency

I live in the philippines but the currency whenever I try to buy gems is in rials. How can I change the setting? And is there any way I could pay for the gems without using credit cards, I’m too young to have those.

Hi there,


If you are a windows player, you can use Microsoft Xbox gift card to buys gems and other stuff.

if you are a IOS user, u can use itune cards.

Are you sure we can use Microsoft Xbox gift card to by Gems? cuz there is differences between Xbox GC and Windows store GC

Yes, I used Microsoft Xbox gift card to fund my Microsoft Account. 

It’s easier for me to get the xbox card in the supermarket rather than Windows store GC.

I normally get the card with a white background.


I think you can also used the windows store GC, as long as it can fund your Microsoft Account.

Once you fund your account, you can use it to buy gems in RR2 or buy other stuff in Windows.