Change the pro shop items

Please change the pro shop items I think this was continue last more than one month so we needed some more power full items

There is couple of threads wanting this and suggested ideas and still same stuff. 

Yes man,

Change the pro shop ,

Make it to every month , after the last week of month ,change it,

Give some previous items which r really strong and usefull

Flare, we need news. after months of the same store pro and arrived now change it. please return armor with double command??

like someone have suggest it. Flare have just to add a function like Granny Shop. Spend 10 Pro Crystal to change Pro items.This way the one who want XP gear or double Firestorm gear can still get it and the others who want something else can just change items until they find what they like

Would definitely like a change of equipment in pro shop. FLARE PLEASE CHANGE ITEMS

Heal aura ring will be amazing!!! 

?don’t make me cry please. Each time someone pronounce Heal aura Ring that remember me I got it on my previous account. Not just the uber version but the Pro version. The Chloris Ring. I really hope to get it once again at level 100