Change the shape of Conquest map

After the 1st Conquest, the strategy has become repetitive. At the start of the event, every alliance just rush to the middle because most of the points are there. I understand that the shape of the map has to be symmetrical in order for it to be fair but that doesn’t mean it has to be square or rectangle!


It can be a very odd symmetrical shaped map. Also, to make things more interesting, imagine if in the middle of the map, the special tiles are there but they are surrounded by river. No one can walk toward the special tiles directly to claim it. The only way is to find the “teleporter tiles” that are scattered in the map, that will teleport the players to the middle of the map. With this, players need to actually scout properly and find the teleporters instead of “who cares about scouting elsewhere at the beginning, let’s rush to the middle cause even with the fog, we know the important special tiles are going to be at the center of the map”.



Instead of surrounding system I would like different paths leading in the center with different energy costs like swaps in a place and easy way in other place; Which is kind of implemented atm.

and maybe some day in a conquest there can be an island tile surrounded by lakes and to claim it you have to make level 2 tower.