Change the transfer restriction

This is my case:

In the beginning, I had RR2 installed on phone first. Then I transfer the old account to a laptop. I exchanged new phone in the same year, I had to abandon the old account and started new one.

I also transfered new account from phone to laptop. However the laptop had problem and thus I upgraded to Windows 10. The phone did not generate new code since it reached the limit. As RR2 app on Windows Store was useless, I uninstalled it.

I know producer will not offer additional transfers, but they can adjust the waiting time. Our devices can be sold/exchanged/stolen/broken more than once a year. The restriction of flaregame force us to start a new account for unclear reason.

I think it’s reasonable to restrict one active device playing in the meanwhile. Example: I have RR2 installed on phone, tablet, laptop and PC; at one certain time I can only play on one device. If I play simultaneously, only the just-open account stay connected, other apps shall disconnect. If that is not unfeasible, then how about limiting one time per 120 days?

Connect your account with your Facebook-account.

Some people don’t like that for security reasons, you can get your account hacked through Facebook. Or they’re afraid they’ll accidentally invite people, which is totally not me.