Change the trophy algorithm

If flare doesn’t want to change the offensive stats back to the way they were, then fine. But flare should change something to make this whole OP defense issue somewhat shrink. They need to change the trophy algorithm to where you don’t lose a ton of trophies when you lost an attack. This is something that flare should’ve added in BEFORE they added in the offense/defense balances. I think that if flare adds this in now, it will shrink the situation a bit

I don’t get it why all the nerfs and why scrap Ceres and all and ruins the game. If Flare wanted to make defense more hard why not just up the stats of the defense tower. By example  a Snake Tower at level 5 do 203 damage and have 11,610 HP. Why not just up at 350 damage and 13,750 HP and so on for each level. Up the stats for each tower. Simple. No need to have scrap all and ruins the game with excessive nerfs

Why always up the level of +1 of everything. They push back every new players this way. Just up the stats will do the same things. What will attract more a new players?

spell,tower and buildings who need to reach level 20-25 and take 1 year or 2 year to reach or spells,towers and building at level 17 with the same stats

With stupid level +1 for each update the gap is too much high for new players when they see in wiki the majority need to up at 20-23 they stop playing after 1 week

More simple why not have make like OR the damage and HP up with Hero Level. Each level up the stats of tower. Easy

I just don’t get it. They create this game but don’t know how to balance it and seem don’t know anything

I recap the 2 method to have improve the defense without all this shit and who had make 4.0 awesome and perfect

* Up the Stats of each towers


* the Stats of tower up with Hero Level. Each level up the damage and HP of towers

Now the question is what they should do now?

Reverse all and do a backward recovery of August 1st and also remove the +1 level and just up the stats of tower. Simple and easy

Why always use the hard way when you have the easy way straight in your face


I think they should close the forum.

the best idea?

OP defense?  What are you talking about

I’m running in full gold gear and xp gear beating 4800 trophy players still.  If I can do this in totally crap gear then obviousely defenses are not OP and you just need to change Your tactics and/or perk the Things you raid With.

Stop crying because you cant beat any base blindfolded anymore. Defenses had been insanely weak like wet paper for ages.


I ain’t crying. These changes were most definitely needed, but flare went a bit overboard with them. I’m still not back in the game lol, so I haven’t tested them first hand with my account, but I do know how much the stats have changed and that it will make a big difference…too big

Yep they always just add “changed this and that” but never by exactly how much. It will take time before all defenses are upgraded to New Level and we can see how it really will pan out. But it seems like so many People are freaking out and crying because they cant just steamroll through every defense they see With the same setup over and over like they used to and its a bit tedious to see.

All it means is that People are currently at a way higher trophy range than what they are suppoed to be at because defenses were weak like wet paper for so long and obviousely they will fail a bit until they fall in the category where they belong.

I agree, we should really just wait, try to get used to attacking and slow down with the complaints. I totally get why people are complaining and they have the right to! Their hard earned stats have been washed away and been replaced with crap. Flare shouldn’t be taking away a player’s stats when they really could just be buffing defenses. Nobody would be complaining that they are “discriminating” their customers if they did things this way