Change the whole system for number of towers allowed

I think many are still complaining about how certain towers are really useless. In order to balance that, I think it would be cool to change the whole system. Instead of a fixed number of towers, attach tower points to towers, and provide tower points to players. For example:-


Firebolt tower - 3 points

Skull Tower - 3 points

Bomb tower - 2 points

Arrow tower - 1 point



It will create a lot of varieties of strategy. For example, players can either choose to place 3 Arrow Tower instead of 1 Firebolt Tower. This may seem overpowered, BUT, you have to take into account that there are limited space to place your towers too (because there’s limited path).

I agree - this simple thing will change everything about defense strategy in the game. This mechanic is the only thing that make starter units like knights and archers still relevant.
I think this is one of the best new suggestions in a long time.

Not a good idea. In this case Flaregames must change all of the game : path lenght,Castle Gate and so on… and at the final you kill the defense system. Imagine you are allowed at max Castle Gate to have 30 points.

you do 5 Skull Tower = 15 points, 5 Firebolt Tower = 12 points = 30 Points

You have only 10 Towers and not 20 Tower like we have now. You reduce the strenght of defense. Now with that a level 50 can defeat a level 100.

by example Arrow Tower = 1 point Bomb Tower = 2 points, Froster Tower = 2 points, Gargoyle Tower  = 2 points, Snake Tower = 3 points Firebolt Tower = 3 points Skull Tower = 4 point and Lightning Tower = 5 points

If you have spike = 3 points barricade = 3 points blocade = 3 points you are allow to have only 20 points in traps

Flaregames must thinking about all the system to be fair like the system we have. At final you must not be screw by the new system

The question is : How make this system useful and fair like the system we have with Castle Gate?

not so easy…

Okay that was a lot of talking, but just raise the total number of points allowed then your complaint is void…

Currently we are allow 20 Skull Towers.

So in this world we should have 60 Tower Points.

So it’s 20 Skull Towers.

Or 60 Arrow Towers.


This is a genius idea! 

Like really, really genius!

Like I’m mad I didn’t think of it!

It’s really just morale points for towers!

It’s so obvious!

It’s so perfect!

Pay attention, Flare!

You really think its easy like this? Up the total of tower points. You are out of the track. I don’t think Flaregames have time to invest  many month or 1 year to work on something that can broke the game. If Flaregames work on that they must calculate all factor in the game. What happen if someone add 60 Arrow Tower boosted with poison forged at +40 or more each,etc…What happen if someone can add 30 towers or 40 towers,etc… sometime people give new idea but are totally out of the tracks. Some think Flaregames have just that to do create stuffs in 5 minutes. They need month or year to do something

Its time to be more realistic and forget this. I don’t see the difference between this and the system we already have

If someone can explain I’m listening…

and if people want to change all of RR2. You should in this case ask for a RR3 a brand new game. Each person want to change this,that oh I don’t like that can you change that, oh I don’t like this can you change this,etc…

The solution Flaregames should create a RR3 with people and give what they want. (I’m sarcastic sorry)


Dude you can relax a little…

First off, I majored in video game design, and designed a few myself, if that takes them a year to implement they are doing it wrong!

Maybe the proper balance is 32 points.  Maybe it’s 25.  They will figure that out, if they even try it!

and? Its not because you work in design that means Flaregames should create stuffs in 5 minutes. Your logic are awful sorry. Wardrobe and other stuffs have take 3 year before be implement in this game and you think something really big like this they can do that in 1 month or less. Stop to think they can do all and programming all in 5 minutes

If you are a really true gaming player or like you said designer you should know programmer add stuffs or do stuffs and take over 1 year to implement stuffs in a game. If you think its not the case or they doing wrong you don’t know what you talking about

A good video game take 2 year and sometime like Diablo 3 take 8 years to be created. Game like Starcraft II have taking maybe 2 years between expansion pack and maybe 3 year for the last,etc…

and now you think with a whole change a big major change like this gonna take just 1 month or less? 

No in my opinion. What you basically suggesting is similar what we have in waves, only 8 slots and a bunch of morale points that cannot be used in any way or can be used only for 3 big monsters. The same would happen with towers. I don’t want to have in my defense either 30 crap towers, or either 15 good ones (that I’ve been upgrading for 2 years I’m playing the game).  . I want to have 20 maxed out, strongest towers I’ve been working for so such a long time. If your suggestion would allow me to still have them, others would have to have the possibility to put 40-60 crap towers with less points you suggesting, I don’t see this happening to be honest.

Balancing towers you put at your base already happened with those boosts we have. LTs wouldn’t be used at top levels if they weren’t boosted. Arrow towers can still be useful with boost to a certain level (not at the top but it is ok in my opinion, it is logical). Gargs also would be useless if it weren’t for the boost. Same with barricades. All those towers and obstacles are still used through the whole game to be honest. At top you don’t use only arrow towers and frost towers.  Which is quite fair, don’t you think ? We are using everything apart from those two towers.

Also froging made possible to make some useless stuff useful. Look at blockades, they don’t have a boost and they suck compared with boosted barricades but with only  a few forges they are already stronger than boosted barricade and if you look closely, blocades are also used by top players.


OliFire, are you claiming knights are not relevant ? They are used through all levels, in offense of course, in defense they don’t matter due to limitation of slots.

Dude, you really think it took them 3 years to add the wardrobe?  No it took them 3 years to get around it it. 

And yes designing a new video game is along undertaking, but that doesn’t mean adding a new feature takes long.  

Clash Royale adds a card a week.

Again you’re talking about things that aren’t your problem.  Do you like the idea or not.  That should be your only concern.  Let the people who get paid to solve these problems do their job.

Just walked through your bass with more than a minute to spare.  Just figured I’d check to see where you were since you were so sure of your background as a player.

If I like the idea. No because like I said its the same system like now. Give me a explanation what that gonna change in this game. That you have 20 tower or you have 35 point of tower and put the same tower,etc…

No offense i hope you have understand what I means by true gaming player its someone who play video game all day,each day and play all since 10 years,20 years or 30 years. Online game,FPS,triple AAA game,etc… and not just one game like RR2. 

No, that’s not me.

I’m a professional film director. 

Different towers do cost various amounts to build and upgrade already. So for example skull & lightning towers cost way more than arrow towers.

Personally 60 arrow towers might be a little overboard for me.

No, that’s not me.

I’m a professional film director. 

a ok but you don’t work on design of video game. Ok you work on design but between movie and video game its different


And maybe the number isn’t 60.  Maybe it’s 40 Arrow Towers.  If they liked the idea where some of that time Warriornator is referencing will go into balancing.


My degree is in video game design my profession is film direction. 

Cause video game design is kind of boring.

And there are more hot girls in film.

maybe its can be a good idea I don’t know. I gonna wait you and others exchange about the idea to give me more idea about the idea lol