Change to ironsource on Android (and in the future iOS as well) - Feedback/Questions

iOS had all games stopped months before (all what tapjoy offers for iOS users are silly surveys) and windows users not have it at all. @Madlen can you replace tapjoy on iOS as well ? And add one for windows users ? I think all should have equal chances to get free gems.
What tap joy posted on their website was that they removed games from iOS to improve users experience… what kind of improvement it is?

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Iron source is awful, their customer support tickets are awful. I have had to request my rewards 3x already and 1 was denied even tho I sent a screen shot proving completion. And then there is no way to find out what is going on once they deny it or mark it complete , you are unable to ask about the missing rewards? Bring back tapjoy!!

yeah tapjoy was clearer and also was quicker to give the rewards.

The condition to get the rewards are always truncated too.

I can just think that it costs less for flare and so they changed providers…but it s obvious that we get worse quality…

Hi guys,
Thanks for the feedback.

Due to new Google age Certification Guideline Changes, we were forced to change this. The new guideline makes sure that ad networks are age-appropriate.

i wished it changed on iOS too, cause there are hardly any offers on Tapjoy

How to contact them for an offer that is marked as completed but I did not get my gems…?there is no link for that.

Or I cannot find it…

Nope there is not one. I selected a new one and wrote them on that ones ticket. But the support is horrible and I am still being denied 1200 gems that took me days and many hours to complete. The service is horrible!

They send you this In their email… so who are we suppose to contact? Are we suppose to submit support ticket to flare? Or what…I have over 1700 gems in completed offers? And they are not paying?Screenshot_20190910-112211_Gmail

I also tested the platform, one offer was paid and one was not.

I opened a ticket, let’s wait how long it takes.

Hello guys, Thanks again for the feedback and sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue here.
I would kindly ask everyone who experiences aforementioned problems with IronSource to contact our customer service in English here:

Thanks again.

Board kings never worked … did one months ago … same result

Hi @Madlen are there any plans to bring back usable service for iOS ? Tapjoy is hardly rewards system now after they changed it.

Hi @Madlen any feedback on above?

Hi @Tommy1709,
Yes, we just announced this:

I also changed the title of the topic to make it suitable for iOS users as well.

@Madlen and Flare team …:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
Good call …

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I received some gems after having submitted the request to the flare customer service. It s a start…but as I dont know which offer has been paid out, well I cant really check.

But I have to say that the ironsource customer service seems to improve. We now receive an email confirmation when we submit a new ticket (yeah, I completed a new offer and after 24h, no rewards received) and there is also a verificaton of the email…
I hope that I ll receive my rewards and that I wont need to create another ticket to Flare customer service.

I wanted to share my experience…

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Glad to hear that, thanks for sharing your experience!