Change treasury protected to Insured

Insuring your treasury (and trophies) I think would resolve a lot of the issues with no gold for most bases.


  • your gold and trophies are insured.

  • raiders will get the coin as usual and the trophies as if they were not shielded

( maybe coin set at the ninja levels otherwise it may be excessive)

  • your account remains the same balance as occurs now.

This should not impact much as gold sHeilds will still be needed but improve the current situation of little to no bases with gold.

Yes if you have this you will be raided a LOT but I don’t have any problem with that :slight_smile:



No takers?

If you want people answer you, first you need to be more clear than that. I don’t understand at all you idea. Develop you idea please

For me insuring Gold and trophies mean nothing. You must develop what you want to ask

you must give example and more detailed situation if you want people understand you clearely

I gonna answer you and maybe others when you gonna take 10 minutes to reformulate you idea