Hi flaregames,

please change update back, this is not good we gonna get farmed again by lower lvls, they attack and retreat at gate so they can attack over and over to farm our asses, because they dont lose trophies  for not beating us!!! this is bad again game gonna be screwed again…


We made it so that you can only gain more Trophies by actually destroying the Gate. I suggest you try how it goes first and tell us how you like it in one or two days. Thank you.

defences are already easy to beat, now they can farm you without beating your defence and beat your defence, so its a win win for lower lvls again! we will see after 2 days

if you stop rewarding people for retreat at gate to gain more trophies from one player, thats how the farm progress goes…

The whole update is a joke. The new prestige thing is only active for 7 days. After 7 days, you have to pay 400 crytsals to keep on the buffs. If not, you cant use the new heroes or the prestige buffs. So nuw we are on the pay to win path. It’s near a plus membership, you have to pay weekly to have the prestige thing working. Also the prestige upgrades costs  a lot of crystals…

That happens, when developer become greedy. Hopfully, they rethink this whole thing and change it, or they will go down with this shit.

Well look at the INSANE prices of upgrading decorations. What did you expect. 

P2w highway is what we’re on now :/ 

I expected the prestige system could make the game more interesting while they are expecting the prestige system can make my wallet empty.

I’m lvl 15 in prestige. I built all the decoration I could, before the update. I have both new heroes, that are totaly op by the way. Sure they have a time gap between attacks of 22h but still to strong. One hit per tower is not needed.
The buffs are to strong and the price with 400 gems per week way to high.

They expect us to pay huge amounts of gems to unlock the prestige levels but on top of that we must again pay even more gems to actually be able to get something for all the gems we spent on decorations to obtain the prestige?

This seems really crazy. Once you have unlocked the prestige things it shouldn’t cost gems to being able to keep it active  :/ 

So…Flare…have you got an ETA on the 200 gem login fee? Next update perhaps?

Game over

I enjoyed the discover of this update ! All the buff, prestige, more ambrosia, beautiful welcome screen (how I can explain that to my wife ?!). Very great work ! Really.

I dont know if the game can work like that with so much gem powers, but very nice update. I hope some adjustementd will be done quickly in answer to game balance defect :slight_smile:


And of course like many others I will go to my bank tomorrow to suscribe a big credit to afford the level 30  :wink: