change upgrade defence

think that defence upgrade should be determined with gate off Apollo and no on Hero Temple ! Reason for that is that some player ignore Gate off Apoll but regullary upgrade Hero temple , defence unit and other ! So problem  with that kind off defence is that player hawe hi rank ivy example 110 his unit and defence are strong and wawes are huge but time and path is wery short to defeat such oponient ! Because off that i think that defence upgrade should focus on Apollo gate not on Hero’s Temple 

This is a good strategy. You should try it!

no it is not good who got strong hero need just in last 20sec to run to gate and gate go down quickly in few second because it is week , and i feel it is like cheat ! I mean its not fair to player who don’t hawe experience and notice that ! They see six barricade small number off tower and they think o it is easy but…?  so they lost lot till they figure what’s goin on , i got luck i notice at first site ! I mean player ivy 107 barricade 6 and smoll number of tower but hawe good amount off trophy so i just destroy all his baricade and tower and don’t waste time on unit because i don’t hawe time just run to gate past gatekeaper and win batlle with no problem 

It really is a pretty good strategy, but ok.

Just good or the best? Cause if that’s the case, I am already partially screwed :slight_smile:

Sorry, bud.

@CaptainMorgan This is why I completely dislike your current trophy system.I am playing at level 97 and my base is constantly raided by player that ranges from 110 - 117 players,these guys are so clever and are exploiting the loopholes in trophy system to gain easy trophies from low level players with high trophies. They Ignore my hero statue and some structures and for 76 % completion get 16 trophies.If you want to proof of it I always take screen shots of my battle logs and they are stored on my phone but I cannot post all them here because of size limitation .Also players using invocations just one pyrphoros near my barricades and they are high level players for a easy win of 25 trophies from me is completely unfair.


I simply do not understand why I should spend money on activating divine blessings and wasted four months on upgrading my defenses and also why I am forced to change equipments after every Ascension level gain for my heroes.

I always keep my Perseus resistances at 90% and he can stop almost any hero and army for about 30 -35 seconds.

+10 levels players can beat you easily as I did with you, as top players beat me too. You hardly might see any +10 failing in your defense. 

A higher level player has stronger equipments compared to the level of your towers, barricades etc. So just try to chill, it’s the way the game works.


As an additional point, if they are winning 16 Trophies for 76%, they have a lot less Trophies than you. So they aren’t exploiting the system to gain Trophies.

In fact, I don’t know why players with such high levels would purposefully have low Trophies, other than to somehow try and break the system. There is no real advantage to it. As such, this is not intended behaviour and we have made sure, as much as possible, that these players don’t gain anything from doing this (for example they stop getting Gems for defending, completely), but there will always be players who still do.

If, on the other hand, they are legit players and for some reason have so few Trophies, they should also have a chance to get them back. These Trophies need to come from somewhere, so they come from players who have more Trophies.

holydiwine you don’t understud me i don’t speak about low Ivy player i speak about high ivy player who ignore to upgrade Gate off Apollo then they hawe short time to win them but everything else they upgrade so they are strong ! I past gatekeeper just in this case otherwise newer in your case and you are ivy 97 i will go throw your defence just with my hero and crush you everything including your hero statue ! No offence but this is reallytu and you are not only one who got trouble with trophy everybody have 

About that “exploiting” method…I guess somewhere before Christmas there were couple of chinese accounts (but not only) losing 3 fights in a row with 0%, making them lose 20 trophies per fight so they could end up with lower level players…now somehow there are such ppl around with half of the points for the level they`re in and most of their fights are 25 ones.

Yeh, it’s a strange phenomenon, but if we knew what advantage they gain from doing this (gaining 25 Trophies per battle by first losing a load of Trophies isn’t really an advantage), then we would obviously try to combat the behaviour.

Easier battles and limited gem trapping. Generally I know people are doing it as they gain more gold through easy AM farming, opposed by fighting stronger opponents… Guess this is a fair option, although it affects people actually trying to climb up. The Gem trap is only possible when you are on the event horizon of going back to normal trophy rating (in between of getting 0% and 30% gems from def, that is) and relies on people like me being tricked by low(ish) trophies. With this said, gem trapping is so hard and inefficient that we can rule out this option imo.

Perhaps we can do something about the Gold farming.

Yeah true enough @Infamous,I know many such players who are playing at level at ascension level 115 but with 3500 -5000 trophies with max barricades and towers.But they lose trophies on purpose and then hit high trophy players with low  Ascension level for trophy. JUST fought such guy now,who has 8000 fame points and at Ascension level 112 with Persues having mirror Shield.I lost twice to that base then third time defeated him for lousy reward of 3 trophy but did lose 21(10+11) trophies in first two battles though.?

I was using level 19 Helen as all other heroes are level at 20.?

@CaptainMorgan It is pain to fight such tough opponents.I Don’t know how they have so less trophies than me.Also I am facing lot of Persues that have insane amount of life on hit and deflection.They Literally kills my all troops and hero.?

Guess it should be part of a broader matrix of changes to incentivize having higher trophies… Which I get a sense of being planned already.

Maybe they just want to reach a thropies level where attacks gets infrequent and their heroes aren’t kicked back all the time…

If I was in a period where I just want to level up in peace, logging in once a day for workers and resources and that’s all … heroes going back to main island would be a nuisance. 


Or - say you’re in a middle rank position with alliance … chances are in war few will even try attack you if you are a 17k … you’ll just be skipped by most and your perhaps uber defence will be wasted. If you lower down your thropies, some more might be tricked in attacking you thinking you’re an doable or easy target.


Dunno, just guesses - if the reasons were as above, it wouldn’t be something that needs “fixing”.

Both opinions are true but I do believe that their main purpose is to have lower level players in their maps, also being found by such levels so that trap could work like a charm.

P.s it would be good that such accounts could be shown to their similar ascension level rather than trophy level. Or having a +5/-5 difference since +15/-15 is a way too much

Just an example 

So what’s the problem with this guy, exactly? His trophies are so low that he earns ZERO gems when invos are used against him, and while he may occasionally get 25 trophies on offense, he ain’t doing it that often or his trophies would be way higher!

whats the problem?