Change war season into a competition

A lot of players complain about current war seasons arranged by match making system solely based on fiefdoms leads to totally unfair war seasons for a lot of teams. Since the algorithm seems not to hold reckon with number of members inside an alliance and other aspects, this system is far from being ideal.


The war map is far from giving all teams equal chances. I don’t call it fair that some teams are placed inside the middle, while others are placed at the borders. I also don’t call it’s fair that one team has to fight several battles on the same moment, while other teams only have one fight and can focus on that war.


I think it’s time for another way of war season, a half competition, with a cooldown period between the seasons, similar like now. Inside a competition every alliance has to fight other alliances in same competition exactly once, no more no less. Every day you have to fight another team during the competition. Skull rewards and loser bonuses are obsolete. I leave it open whether or not an attack limit would be needed, but I don’t think a limit is needed. A few of the main advantages of a competition is that a team can’t be eliminated after day one and all teams have to fight exactly the same amount of battles.


How to initially set up such a competition? I would split it into several divisions, one top division, two second divisions, four third divisions, eight fourth divisions and so on. if this is boring for top alliances, because they always fight same teams, make two, three or even four division number ones, (double the competitions per lower division) and so on for making it more interesting for them. An algorithm can make sure teams that fought in same competition will not fight each other next season. Use the current fiefdoms, plus alliance rank plus number of members to determine in which division a team should start. Decide how many teams are inside a competition. 6,7 or 8 would do. Strongest alliances on paper will start in division one and so on. A team that starts all over will start in lowest competition.


It must be worth something to fight for in a higher division. The strength of war boosts for example could be dependent on the division you are in. War boosts can still be rewarded to top three alliances of a competition. Number one of every competition will promote automatically, the two lowest alliances automatically demote.


To make it even more interesting, introduce an extra promotion/demotion day after the season. Two alliances of same division (read, not competition!) that ended on second place have to fight with an alliance that ended third from below in a higher division on exactly one day for promotion/demotion. So for example when there are six teams inside a competition, this promotion/demotion fight would mean that two numbers two of division two have to fight a number four of division one for deciding who fights next season in division one.


Maybe it’s unfair having to start a competition against a team that has won war boosts during last competition, but that can be fixed by arranging who fights who. Let teams that promoted (and probably have war boosts) fight a team that demoted first or just a team that didn’t win war boosts. A promoting team should have that advantage and also teams that won a boost should according to me. War boosts can be prolonged by paying for them like now and the can only be prolonged untill the competition ends where those can be won.


I am realistic enough to realise such a competition will not be introduced soon, but I think it’s definitely more attractive than current war season.

Yeah. War in royal revolt is far from fair. The board system has to change, because the alliance in the middle starts with a huge advantage. Also the match is completly unbalanced. It has to match alliances that have the most equal defense level.

With a competition and divisions the game definitely would be more fair. Within a few seasons strong teams would be in higher divisions plus negative points from current system would have been neutralized.


Sure, when a new team starts with veteran players, it will win competitions easily, but after a few season it’s in the division it belongs to. When an alliance grows, promoting to a higher division would be logical.

Yeah. They could change it to be like Risk where fiefdoms on the edge can attack the far side.

I hope they switch it up, we were placed somewhat in the middle and had 4 fights going at once. Defending from 3 and attacking 1.

Another advantage of a competition is that players don’t need to declare war, the match is immediately started, so no standing up in the middle of the night for some players.

It seems most players are not even interested in a competition instead of a war season. I still suggest to think this over since this is much better than the way it goes now.


During war seasons, teams on the same map most of the time differ completely in strength. Not only in total members per alliance, but also rank and strength of members. When the season starts some seasons are already obvious who is going to win and who has no chance at all. Very boring and players might lose interest. For alliances losing a season it could be a disaster. Players leaving for getting war boosts or even quitting the game. When alliances lose a few times in a row, it could be the end of a once great team.


With a competition this isn’t so likely to happen. Okay, an Alliance could lose some members but in a lower division they make a better chance to win a few fights, recover and within a season or two to promote to a higher division.


Major advantages of a division I already explained. With promotion/demotion rules a team after a few seasons is in the division where it really belongs, unless the number of members increase or decrease. I would give teams who didn’t promote/demote give some rewards to make it worth fighting. For every victory a team should get a small reward and the higher the division is, the higher the reward should be. Even a reward in Alliance gold would already be appreciated  


Micky never saw a war which was fair… 

Hahaha, true. War is war. :stuck_out_tongue: