Change "War Shield" into something else

The current war shield just doesn’t make any sense. At lower levels, alliances won’t waste money on it. At higher levels, spending extra gold on war shield isn’t an issue, so when both opposing alliances do it, the effect is nullified against each other.


What really grinds my gear is that, shielding a player is like “benching” a player. Usually a player is benched for non performance, but due to the logic of the game, a player is now “benched” because his defense is one of the best in the team, therefore having one of the highest trophies naturally.


It’s really anti climatic when you spend so much effort on defense only to get benched because… well… you spent too much effort on defense.




I am in a mid-level alliance and shielding has never made sense to me. It is not as much “benching” a player as much as it is making a stronger opponent have to attack your lower level members that you are helping to get stronger and to have a good attitude about the game. Shielding has never been the reason we won or lost a war.

During our war, we faced the following scenario. You raid a player who isn’t shielded. Some of my team members also raided their highest players. while the raid is going on, the opponent suddenly shields that player, resulting in much lower skulls. To my opinion the player would not been raided if he was shielded.

Flare says it’s like it used to be, since the team must have time to shield. If so, give the teams a cool down period of 5-10 minutes to shield or champ, after that too bad. When a player is under attack and is not yet shielded, ongoing raids should be given full rewards.