Change your perk event

I suggest a new event where the first 50.000 players that react can change 3 uber perks in a 3 perks they actually want… If they pay 2 gems…

Maybe some one can write a poem about the blacksmith to launch the event ? Aether ?

He stole my pearls, that man with the bird

A thief I tell yeah, let it be hurd

Big and strong, yet clever and witty

He forged me a weapon, that came out sh**ty

No refunds he said, no money back

I stood there shocked, wtf is that!

Paid granny a visit to get some wise advice

But the 1st thing she said was " I raissee me price"

Not sure what to do, or what I should say

So I left old grannys right away.

What can I do, my weapon is uber

+toughness to gargoyle BOY THATS SUPER!

So I walk around town with the spiffy ol weapon

thinking to myself I sure learned my lesson.

I m genuinly impressed… even Blookie Bloo can’t do better…


now let’s hope that Aether rewards you… lol

Lol. Make it rain Aether