Changed alliences during war.

So the enemies can attack me, Ok, fine.

But I can’t attack beck.

This is just wrong.

Wonder how many trophies I’ll end up losing?

Your complaints (and everyone else’s) in this matter are falling on deaf ears. Apparently it’s too difficult to assign new member cooldown period to defense as well as offense. Or it’s supposed to be dumb like that, which is probably even worse.

On the other hand, this is meant to discourage alliance jumping during war, in my opinion. To solve this, there are two options, both of them failing:

  1. You could make yourself attackable, but also be able to attack yourself. This defeats the point of the cooldown, which doesn’t discourage alliance jumping, which would cause many more problems and unfairness.

  2. You could make yourself unattackable, and also not be able to attack. People would obviously take advantage of that, for example, without the - 4 members fiefdom loss rule, people could kick out all the members as they do now and allow many more to join, without being able to be attacked. This wouldn’t be too fair either.

I think we should stay put. Only my opinion however.

I see many players complaining about it but personally I never saw a problem in that. When now I think about it more, I really think it is good as it is. I think it is a punishment for changing alliances during war season, which is good. It is better to stay in one alliance for the whole seaosn rather than jump here and there all the time. Another thing is, imagine that you cannot attack and cannot be attacked, right ? Then it is like a free shield that can be easily exploited. Some alliances can easily gather 40 top attackers, and the rest of members could leave and rejoin and could not be attacked at all by opponents.

Just stay in one alliance for the whole war season, how hard can that be :wink:

I dnt like mercs only

For me the rules are also just fine, I only wished the rules would be harder. Prohibit doing raids outside the season, unless you did all your raids in all wars. Yes I know, it’s hard such a rule, but it’s also hard for your team mates that you don’t help them.

To prevent leaving and rejoining the team, I would also apply that rule for players outside season, unless a player is kicked and joins another team. 

The rules are absolutely fine bro . U are donating to alliance at that time too so its fine that you are being attacked. And what is the need to change alliance during war.Find a stable and good alliance before war.

The rules over jumping alliances during war are NOT OK.

You are all forgetting about one of the most common exploits: boot all your players once a war season starts, shield your base every war. When done right, makes you hard to beat. Also makes your alliance a shitty place to be… HOWEVER: this exploit also works on the smaller scale: I have faced alliances that one war we could beat, but next war they got their lower level players to leave (& come back later), and suddenly we cannot beat them. Hardly seems in the spirit of “fair play”.

As for players jumping alliances during a war season of their own free will: it is very unfair on the alliance you leave (no compensation there): and is unfair on the alliance you join (extra base for enemies to attack): and is unfair for the alliances fighting your new alliance because your alliance now has an extra player… who might not be able to fight in current war, but can donate troops and gold… (this is another exploit, that if you watch certain alliances, you can see in action).

As for the quibble of losing trophies because you switched alliances during a war season… wait a second: you would have lost trophies regardless of which alliance you were in! Also, you can always attack the bases back… just not as part of the war season… just search the player name, or go through the alliances member panel.