Changes for next war-Season: Skulls in Chamber of Fortune

Hello RR2-players,


in the next war-season the way you earn skulls in the “Chamber of Fortune” will be improved.


If you manage to beat a base in a war, then the 1st reward you manage to find in the CoF will ALWAYS be Skulls. There are no more Skulls given out as your 2nd or 3rd reward in the CoF.


The amount of Skulls you get is based on the rank of the enemy in his Alliance. If you beat the top player from an Alliance, then 100 Skulls will be given out as 1st reward in the CoF. This number decreases if you attack lower ranked players. The weakest base of an Alliance gives you 41 Skulls.


If you attack a shielded player, then the amount of Skulls you will find as 1st reward in the CoF is reduced by the Shield-percentage. So if you attack the top-ranked player of an Alliance and this player has a 50% Shield for example, then you will find 50 Skulls instead of 100 Skulls.


This change removes the randomness and the element of luck from the CoF, as it is predictable how many Skulls you will get in CoF. Also it provides motivation for skilled players to try to beat harder bases.




Ooh, so interesting. Let the criticism begin!


My criticism: I love it. :wub:

thats it huh…nice …loser bonus still in place and attack limit…good job flare…that sounds good blookie right? nice and polite…sarcasm? what is that? i dont know




I think Flare is listening very closely to our criticisms–more than I can ever remember them doing so. That’s why I’m trying to be supportive, and I really do love this change as it removes randomness and P2W.


I think they’re taking incremental steps to return the game to balance, and this is one major change. So keep asking them to change the Loser Bonus. I offered the idea of “Loser Points” like I wrote in my post here. I’m sure there are a thousand other ideas, and Flare probably has a spreadsheet of ideas with pro/con with all the variables that go into the decision-making tree. At least, that’s what I’d do as a part of a tech startup.


The grinding issue is a tough one, though. And I can see why it’s important to certain alliances. The top can be susceptible to over-grinding and the subsequent exhaustion. The next tier uses grinding as a fun way of keeping people on their toes. But I don’t have a solution other than to ask for a Grind Option. Thoughts?



Your pal,



Only attacks on the top player from an alliance will result in 100 skulls in the Chamber? That would be easily annulled by Shields.

How many less skulls for other members? Could you give us a list with that info?

So what’s the point of this system  ? You reduced randomness, true, but it is still p2w feature. We will pay less but still we need to pay if we want to win. Thank you.

As above … loser bonus remains … how many people need to shout it at you flare … we don’t want it … get your heads out of the sand and accept that, even if you stop giving it to attackers that lose a war its something. At the moment at higher level and two evenly matched alliances, one just needs to keep attacking the other until the bonus is high enough for them to win, and with current attack restrictions that isn’t going to be many wars, logic in keeping it like that … none!!!


Also you are setting the top ranked player in any alliance to be stripped hard by all … did you take that into account???


As for skulls in chests, universally people asked for them to be removed … so you kept them but with a different spin, better than nothing I guess, but not the solution that was asked for. Two weeks ago 325,300 active players yesterday about 250,000 players … wonder why??  … we know best isn’t working is it.

Thanks for listening! That’s not what we want, but its still a good change


Now we are waiting for the topic:


"Changes for next war-Season: No more Bonus Skulls"

Skull bonus is a fail but with attack limit it’s even a bigger fail. Why can’t you understand it ?


Stubborn that’s why Mags, can’t admit to mistakes or failures.

Oops , we still need to get first chest right, if not you need to use gems to get it right

I prefer no bonus skull

I like attack limmit :slight_smile:


of course, there’s was not a single try to at least rework it a litte, no discussion, no listening to feedback.

blookie i do believe flare is listening…i bet they have an employee whose only job is to read this forum. i also believe they have another employee with a large sign that says "tough s…t,losers. and another one with a large garbage can. on the positive side…im not very sure im positive


I bet it’s gonna harder to find the first reward now  -_-




I do give people the benefit of the doubt, especially when they’re taking active steps to change things. Maybe it’s just me knowing that making a modification in my own behavior takes months, if not years. So 2-3 weeks for a game seems manageable, and some changes are already starting to roll in.


I like to preserve my anger for other things, I guess.




lord have mercy…where do you see active steps? flare is paralized. and does not have a wheel chair.

Read carefully. The first reward… So if we are unfortunate and the first opened chest is no reward, we will be forced to pay gems, because we know for sure we will lose skulls. I bet more times players will be unfortunate and don’t get a reward on first attempt. I am no fortune teller, but why I expect a lot more players being very unfortunate and don’t open a reward during first three attempts?  


Is it so hard to understand we don’t want a skull reward?


What are these changes that go back months? The major one I can think of is the loser bonus. Jack said the decision to keep it was based on a poll that a member made showing that a majority of players liked the loser bonus. It might be time to make a new poll.


But here are the changes that I note:


  • Grinding: Made a change in last update 1.9.1. May need to tweak this change to satisfy some users.
  • Scream nerf: No change made, but only started in 1.9.1.
  • Skulls in COF: change made today.
  • High level players being targeted in war: war shield and changes to skull count in 1.9.1
  • Overpowered elements: constant changes, like to those of paladin, froster, garg tower, doom gate, etc.


That leaves, I think, Loser Bonus and, perhaps, trophy stripping, as some of the major ones remaining.


Don’t get me wrong–there are big issues with each of these problems, but I’m of the opinion that so many people complain here without without offering well thought-out solutions, and that’s why it’s hard to accelerate changes. Jack said to me that the harder part was thinking up of ways to fix problems. But so many people just attack Flare. That creates noise, swamping out the folks who have very constructive feedback.

Blookie, there are lost of issues, yes, many of them they have eventually got around to half fixing. I do give constructive feedback, I identified the Android issue within minutes on the bug reporting part of the forum … no reply from flare, still none now, I asked about the scream nerf, a little later they announced the changes, were they going to? I do actually try and give them honest and responsive feedback, but most of the time they just ignore me and many others. I am really interested in the poll that specifically said the majority of users wanted to keep the loser bones, I must have missed it. If  it does exist I would guess that many of the original voters have altered their opinion now, if not then its here to stay I guess, unlike many current kings.