Changes for next war-Season: Skulls in Chamber of Fortune

correct you are so no more complaints from me .they go unheard.anyway.the polls appear on the forum only i think.flare is very good with taking polls.i have participated in all polls,i think someone told you a tall tale about the results lets have another poll about wether the first poll was taken.and then a poll about what changes should be made,then a poll about the results of the polls.


You’re very much right that we can’t have endless polls. And I think Drum is right that many people’s opinion of the Loser Bonus as-is would change since that last poll.


You should complain. You should put some fire under Flare’s feet. Business is cutthroat like that. However, I’m just always willing to take people at their word and give some time. It could be a character flaw of mine! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a good change… now please remove loser bonus… because with limited attack… loser bonus is a torture to a top alliance…

I guess we will have to adapt to the skull bonua for now, I believe FG listen to all complaints but maybe they arw waiting for more evidence of this skull bonus unfairness.

Still I think this CoF skull changes is a good move, lets not forget that.

As a reminder , heres the list to the thing FG need to give attention in the coming war :

-skull bonus and its effect in war between alliance of same members slot and strength

-game balance when stargazer boost are activated during war (since you said we need to use apocalypse to beat them wtf ?!)

-how this new CoF change will affect the war result, it could still lead to negative issue.You never know :grinning:

Guys I will say this again,flare introduced looser skull bonus for a reason.But I guess middle/lower alliances(which is 80-90% btw),don’t have much of representation on forum,I understand with limited attacks they need to remove it more than ever now,and it’s obviously not fair at top tire where all alliance are at same strength more or less.but not same story at rest 80-90% alliances,after first few war seasons,all middle level alliances(actually excluding few top ones who are at equal strength more or less,so just matter of more grinding there) reach certain point where they win 1 war season then loose next one more or less.even every player of alliance very actively playing doesn’t matter,because for example as you win current war +5 fiedoms then you’ll match up with crazily higher rank alliance,now even if our all players very active we don’t have chance at all cause opponents have more members,and as they also at higher rank(more total trohies),our last 8-10 players can’t score much even if they willing to do because alliance matched up(trophy difference) so messed and they are not higher enough even to do proper top even if you manage to win this time somehow,then next war season gonna be just impossible.then it creates lot of frustration amongs players who don’t understand this.and now with limited attack(which I kinda like “less grinding”) this unfair matchmaking much much more worse !


so to reduce the effect of this unfair matchmaking,flare introduced this looser bonus ,which I understand unfair at top and also not proper solution at middle/low alliances,so need to be removed but before that,they need to make matchmaking fair,


I think matching up alliances based on fiefdoms is ok but not good enough,there has to be other factors which can be considered,like alliance’s rank/total trophies,may be average hero lvl of all members(?),number of slots and all.


and flare please reply on this,we’re facing this problem since the introduction of alliance war,and so many different fix suggested but if you check it’s related threads not even one official reply from flare till now,some forum link here for reference:


No you do not need to use apocalypse to beet the Stargazer. Stargazer is basically a normal Firebolt Tower with a special effect when it is destroyed.

I dont think this is a good idea it sound like you are giving a discount to player who spend gems to win in war. Im in low-mid alliance and to me 1 win and 1 lucky chest out of the weakest player > 3 win out of the top player without skull from chest , lol, nope . Plus the top bases are probadly going to get shielded frist thing in the war and have lower skull so what the point of raiding harder bases ?

Why are skulls from CoF changing our result in battles? Since you first announced them I thought they would only affect on our total result (for bonus chests). I was really surprised that they also count for battles. So my idea is to increase the amount of skulls you can get, but make them not count for single battle results.




What is the chance to get second and third reward then? Could you change CoF so you can get the best reward in the first chest (as it was before Christmas update)?


100 Skulls for the top base. 1 skull less for each rank down in a 60 members alliance. 41 skulls for the base ranked last.

These are good changes, but maybe you should still change the war-skulls in CoF a little bit, it would be a lot cooler if they were only considered for the player to help them get more magic chests, because players don’t want those skulls to change the result of a battle…


You should change the system for Chamber of Fortune after normal raids too. Stop putting the best things always on the 3rd reward!

We should have the chance to win the best things on Chambe on the first reward too  <_<


I think as more of them are given out for top bases which are harder to beat it is actually a good way to encourage players to try to beat harder bases. So it is necessarily the best strategy to find the weakest base inwhich you can score the top amount of skulls. It will make things more interesting.

and so its stil randow becoz it always a surprise if you even get the skulls …

flair just dont lsten , this is another way to  spend more gems  cause people try attack highest player to get higher bonus and will need gems to beat . besides that rich alliances just shield their 5 best bases and ammount of skulls is reduced again.

why not just skips the skull bonus, flair start listening instead of say you listen and then change things agein only in your advantage .

im reay getting flare sick now .LISTEN TO PLAYERS , and stop being an arse,

 Stop avoiding the issue at hand.

If you remove the damn Loser bonus then we wont care about skulls in the chamber.


Okay maybe we will complain a little but removing the loser bonus would have brought people to your side.

Flare you have lost credibility so I am not going to take this small token for more than what it is. 

Remove the loser bonus. Let people win when they should win and lose when they should lose.

Sorry, I like that you tried to change the skull in the CoF bonus, but for me this option won’t work. We will see if this option still will be massively p2w to open the first chest, but if that’s still the question, you will have lost me as a very active player aswell. If you want to encourage people to attack top players, just increase their skulls, don’t let it be even a small amount of luck.


Not really, the top 10 will be shielded, leaving 90 - 41 skull targets… so the whole point is moot, because… shields.

Also the top 10 below the top shielded 10 will get trophy stripped as people will still seek to get the most skulls.


What is Flare’s response to people saying:



anyone? anyone? beuller?

As the leader of a low to mid level alliance the skulls in CoF and the loser bonus are all that we have to salvage a tile or two towards the end of a war season. We greatly appreciate the changes and also the limit of 10 attacks per player. Thank you.

Thank you Flare for trying to modify the skull rewards bonus…


WE dont want it… We dont need it…

Why is it so hard for you guys to eliminate this feature?

Just get rid of this, same with the loser bonus and problem solve…

Why not just make the top player in an alliance +100 skulls, and save all the complaining, also show the skull value of each player on the list of alliance members.


Also what happens if member rankings change during war?  And is it only the first attack against a player, or is the first ranked player worth +100 skulls every attack?


You could change the COF reward to extra alliance donations for war wins instead of skulls.


Also, with 10 attacks, there’s not much chance to figure out the beat-able base vs. skull rewards.