changes for pals nd units

1)even after recent changes paladins are still useless,they are simply out classed by @FTB said the poison weakness has to remain,i have few suggestions.

>75% resistance to blunt nd piercing damage.

>reflective armour,a maxed paladin should reflect 25-30% of the damage felt to it back to the attacking unit or tower(since the game description says that the paladins have robust armour).

>at high levels holy paladins self heal is kind of power creeped since a monk or tammy can do much better job at healing paladins than themselves.

2)eris pro pal is very very underpowered compared to has very low attack nd ability range and cant not attack towers or object.considering eris to b a pro pal it should b allowed to attack towers nd obstructions.

3)howl pal buff is low,the attack nd movement speed gained by howl pals howl is marginal.